Career & Technical Education Programs of Study

Duncanville ISD offers 12 of the 14 state career clusters with 24 programs of study. Duncanville High School offers all five high school endorsements, but the available CTE programs of study fall under three of the endorsements: Business and Industry, Public Service and STEM. Within each of these endorsements, through the 23 programs of study, students have the opportunity to earn various certifications, licenses, and postsecondary credentials while in high school. Upon earning these credentials and graduating from high school, students are prepared to either continue their education or enter the workforce.

When viewing the Duncanville ISD Career and Technical Education’s programs of study, please note the classes within each pathway are listed in sequential order. Highlighted details identify student leadership organizations in which a student can participate, as well as licenses and certifications that students can obtain while in high school. At the practicum level all students have the option of substituting 13PBR02-Project-Based Research (11-12)(1) in place of their Practicum class should their schedule only have room for a one block/one credit class.

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