P-TECH TEA Blueprint Products

The documentation below is provided in compliance with the Texas Education Agency's products requirements for recipients of the 2018-2020 Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) and Industry Cluster Innovative Academies (ICIA) Success Grant. Duncanville High School is a recipient of the P-TECH and ICIA Success Grant and adheres to the P-TECH/ICIA Blueprint.


Benchmark 1 - School Design

Mentor/Induction Programs


Professional Development Plan

P-TECH instructors participate in professional development with the college and school district throughout the school year.


P-TECH Team Leadership Meetings


Benchmark 2 - Target Population

Admission Policy & Enrollment Application


Recruitment Materials


P-TECH Communication Plan


Benchmark 3 - Strategic Alliances

P-TECH Leadership Team Meetings


Industry Partner MOU


Articulation Agreement with IHE


Strategic Partners


Benchmark 4 - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment


4-Year Crosswalks


Master Schedule


P-TECH Curriculum Alignment Documents


College Readiness Testing Calendars

  • TSI Testing Dates
  • ACT and SAT Testing Dates
  • Two of the P-TECH courses of study are waived from the TSI standards so the assessment strategy will vary per student, depending on the chosen course of study. P-TECH staff will meet with students individually to identify TSI needs and determine if students are exempt from the TSI. Students who need to meet TSI standards will receive instructions and support to prepare for the exam using free resources. Duncanville High School is a TSI testing site and provides students with several testing opportunities each semester.


Course of Study Examples

  • Sample P-TECH Graduation Plans are available here.
  • Architectural Design students can select one of four graduation plans and earn up to three certificates, an AAS, and multiple industry certifications.
  • Automotive Technology students can earn a certificate and work towards an AAS.
  • Education and Training students can earn an industry certification and an AA in Teaching with Bilingual Certification.


Benchmark 5 - Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning Documentation


Regional Workforce Reports


Aggregate Data on Work-Based Learning Experiences & Industry Credentials

  • Aggregate Data - Tab 1 inlcudes work-based learning experiences and Tab 2 includes aggregate data on students earning industry credentials.


Sample Student Work


Benchmark 6 - Student Support

Bridge Program Calendar and Curricula


Tutoring and Intervention Program Schedules


Family Outreach Events


Schedule of Counseling/Advisory Events & Records of Completion