The Duncanville ISD Communications and Public Relations Department collaboratively works to provide the necessary internal support and training that cultivates effective organizational communication, while developing and maintaining external communication platforms that build relationships centered on trust and transparency with those we serve and those to whom we are accountable. We believe our primary responsibility is to engage stakeholders (staff, students, parents, and community members) in meaningful and profound ways which lead to meaningful connections.

The Department is responsible for directing and managing all district communications and public relations functions, ensuring strategies are in alignment with the district’s values and core beliefs.

Media and Public Relations                Connie Wallace For Media Inquires
The Media and Public Relations team is responsible for all media requests made to the district. All media inquiries should be directed to the Chief of Special Initiatives and Collaborative Communities.

Marketing and Communications  
The Marketing Services team works with district departments and schools to handcraft marketing strategies. The goal is to promote the district services, programs, and accomplishments, retain and expand student enrollment, and build and maintain the district's brand as a leader in providing quality learning environments that produce high-achieving scholars.

Districtwide Event Calendar - The purpose of the Districtwide Event Calendar is to centralize all districtwide events into a master calendar. This calendar will help departments when they are planning events, meetings, or trainings so that they may avoid scheduling aforementioned items on the same day as major district events. If you are a district director or above and would like to publish an event to the Districtwide Event Calendar, click on the Districtwide Event Calendar Submission link. 

To view the calendar, click on the Districtwide Event Calendar link.

Districtwide Event Calendar Submission 

Story Idea Submission - Duncanville ISD is always on the lookout for positive district stories, so if you have information about a student, an employee, or an event happening on your campus that you think is worth sharing, please let us know so that we can consider it for a web story, include it in a staff or family newsletter, or use it on our social media channels. Depending on staff availability, we might be able to send a writer, photographer, or videographer to cover it. For more guidance on what makes a good story and to submit an idea, click on the Story Submission page link.

Story Idea Submission

School Messenger 

If you are erroneously receiving automated calls from a Duncanville school, please notify us of your issue by emailing or calling 972-708-2015. 

Connie Wallace
Chief Special Initiatives and Collaborative Communities

Angela L. Davis Henry
Director of Partnerships & Engagement

Jeff Smith 
Director of Marketing & Communications

Hillary Hopson
Communications Multimedia & Graphic Designer

Paige Stewart Webmaster Specialist

Paige Stewart

Mary Felan, Executive Secretary

Mary Felan
Executive Secretary

Shirley Garcia

Shirley Garcia
District Receptionist