Welcome to the Duncanville ISD branding page. The district logos are trademarked. External entities, including parent groups such as PTA, PTSA, Boosters, etc. must receive written permission from the Communications Department prior to using the districts name, image, marks for profit, fundraising, reproduction, etc.

Visual Identity System

Duncanville ISD’s visual identity system includes the following core components: logo, colors, and typography. The following guidelines focus most specifically on the logo—how to use it consistently and appropriately to build stronger brand awareness.

The Duncanville ISD primary logo, adult panther, and baby panther logos represent the district’s promise to its stakeholders, the community, and staff. The primary logo honors the legacy of the previous logo by including the letter D and children as the visual anchors. The letter and children are now inside a rounded, cornered square. The adult panther and baby panther embody the district’s panther pride and honor the legacy of earlier versions of the panther mascot.


Duncanville ISD Trademark Logos

Primary District Logo

Spirit Logo

Spirit Logo

Athletic Logo

Retired Logos

The following are retired logos and should not be used in any fashion without prior approval from the Duncanville ISD Communication and Marketing department. It is worth noting that multiple elements in the blow logo's are still trademarked by Duncanville ISD and can be seen in other approved logos.


The official fonts are Times New Roman and Futura.



School Logos and Department Identifiers

District employees may access all district and campus logos and identifiers using the For Staff page.

Access all logos at this link and download the individual file(s) required for your materials.
● For printed materials, use PDF (high-resolution - 300dpi)
● For digital materials, use PNG (transparent background) or JPG (white background)
● For professional design programs, use AI or EPS (original design file)

This page serves as a tool for district departments and campuses to use when creating assets by offering high-resolution, communications-approved logos. Please follow these guidelines when using logos for your campus or department. Additionally, if you are unsure about the appropriate logo usage, please contact the district communications department.