Inclement Weather

Duncanville ISD thoroughly evaluates weather and road conditions for the safety of students, parents and district employees prior to making a decision regarding inclement weather. If there is a decision to delay or cancel school, district leaders will make this determination and announce the decision as early as possible on the day of bad weather.

When bad weather moves in during the day, the district closely monitors weather reports and road conditions. Please keep in mind that weather conditions can vary greatly within an area/region. Any decision to release students early due to inclement weather will be made with primary consideration for getting all students home safely. Parents always have the option to pick their children up at school at any time they feel is necessary.

 Information about school closures or delays are announced through the following platforms:

  • District website
  • District Twitter page
  • District Facebook page
  • District Instagram page
  • Email to all district families and employees
  • Televisions stations- Channels 4, 5, 8 and 11
  • Radio stations-  WBAP 820 AM, KRLD 1080 AM and KLIF 570 AM