Peachjar for E-flyer Distribution

Peachjar Facts

We are excited to share information about our partnership with Peachjar to help us unite schools, parents, and communities in our collective mission to elevate student outcomes! Peachjar's platform streamlines school-to-home communication by distributing valuable school and community resources directly to families as digital flyers. Peachjar helps us save thousands of trees each year by enabling our district to go paperless.

Peachjar for Families

Peachjar organizes all vital school and community information in one place! In addition to receiving emails from your school, look for the 'Peachjar' button or icon on your school website to view all active flyers.

Peachjar for Community Organizations

Our district wants families to know about district-approved community programs and resources offered by organizations like yours! There are many additional benefits to using Peachjar, i.e., clickable buttons that take parents directly to your website, flyer performance reports, and not to mention the time saved driving from school to school! Peachjar charges a fee for this service, which is typically much less than the cost of copying and delivering paper flyers.  

To submit your flyer for district approval, review our Flyer Approval Guidelines and follow the steps below. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.

● Register your account as a Community Organization on

● Go to Send & Post Flyer to Submit your flyer for approval

● See Deals on your account for best pricing options 

● Email or call 858-997-2117 with any questions

Peachjar flyers

Flyer Approval Guidelines

The criteria for distribution of non-school literature as outlined below and in Duncanville ISD Policy GKDA(LOCAL) must  be met for a flyer to be approved. 

  • The Internal Revenue Service must identify the group distributing the literature as a nonprofit [501(c)(3), 501(c)(4)] organization, an accredited educational institution, or a company with programs of benefit for students ages 3-18. or the company is distributing free or non-conditional coupons to use as academic rewards.
  • The materials must involve age and or developmentally-appropriate activities for students and must clearly state that the activity is for a student's or students' benefit.
  • Fundraising flyers may be approved for groups affiliated with a Duncanville ISD campus (PTA/PTO, booster clubs, student groups), provided they meet the above criteria. Fundraising activities for individuals will not be approved at the district level.
  • Flyers promoting any particular political interest, candidate, party, or ballot measure will not be approved.
  • The flyer must not cause disruption of the operation and discipline of the school.
  • Free or non-conditional coupons may be distributed if coupons are appropriate for students and offer a complimentary free item (no conditions of purchase) to use as academic rewards or incentives for students. Example: Students who read 20 books during the school year will receive a coupon for a free ice cream sundae at a local restaurant. 
  • Free with a purchase or "buy one, get one free" flyers are not approved for distribution.
  • Commercial advertisements will not be approved.
  • All flyers must contain the following statement: "This organization and its activities are not related to or sponsored by the Duncanville Independent School District."

QUESTIONS? Please contact the Communications Department: news@duncanvilleisd.or or 972-708-2085.

District Department Staff

For use by department only when requesting districtwide flyer distribution
 Peachjar Internal Submission Form for Districtwide Distribution