Website Guidelines

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is the practice of making digital content accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. In practice, this means using specific techniques when we create documents, videos and all other digital content in order to remove barriers and allow people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the content.

Duncanville Independent School District is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can use and easily understand our website..

If you encounter issues with any page on our sites that present a challenge for individuals with disabilities, please e-mail with your feedback.


Web Accessible

When placing images on the website, you need to make them web accessible. You can do this by adding alt text or a description.

ALT Text Example
ALT Text

When you place an image on the website it is required that you add alt text. Alt text is a description of the image. Screen readers read alt text aloud, and browser pages display alt text when images fail to load.


Please use descriptions when a brief alt text is not enough to convey information, such as in a complex chart or graph.

Image Sizes

Images in FinalSite are responsive. This means that you do not need to resize them - they will adapt to the width of the browser. when displayed. However, for gallery images it is recommended that they are 1600 pixels wide x 700 pixels high. Do not put text on the edges of the images; since the site is responsive, it may cut off text around the borders of the image depending on the width of the users' browser.

Here is a Photoshop template for gallery images.

My Future My Choice

Content Areas

These images are 600x400px.




All PDFs need to be checked for accessibility before uploading to the website. Please submit your PDF to before uploading. If your document isn't accessible, we will help you make it accessible.


All videos must include closed captioning. If you would like a video uploaded to the the district YouTube Channel, please contact Hillary Hopson ( If you have a video that you want in your gallery, please contact to get the video transcribed.