The Duncanville ISD Science Department works to disseminate an engaging, authentic learning experience in all science classrooms.  The Duncanville ISD science program is based on the belief that scientific literacy is an important part of preparing students to be leaders in the field of science.  Through content rich experiences, each student can explore and understand the natural world around them.

As a science department we are committed to molding Future Scientists by:

  •   Promoting and developing critical thinking skills
  •   Implementing hands-on inquiry based investigations
  •   Use of cooperative learning groups
  •   Technology integration in all science classrooms
  •   Partnering with our community and parents to cultivate continuous interest in Science

We are writing success stories one student at a time!

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. - Margaret Mead

Kennisha Johnson
K-12 Science Coordinator