October Staff Newsletter

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Social & Emotional Learning Competency  

Responsible Decision Making 

  • Safety & societal factors
  • Problem Solving Skills (analyze the situation, reflect, and repair the damage)

Theme of the Month

Drug Awareness

Be happy, be brave, be drug free

Bullying Prevention

Stand up against bullying
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Helpful Tips

Education is one of the most important things in the world, but at most schools, students are told to memorize facts, formulas, and functions without any applicability to the real challenges we will face later. Instead, give us challenges; give us problems that focus on real-world scenarios; give us a chance to understand the world we’re entering and to be prepared for it before we’re thrown in headfirst. Read more >

Parenting events & tips

Family and Community Engagement

During the week of October 5th-9th 2020, elementary, intermediate and middle schools will host academic/social-emotional learning sessions. These sessions are designed with you in mind -the busy yet supportive D'ville parent.

October sessions:

  • Virtual vs in-person learning
  • Attendance expectations
  • Personal health & hygiene practices
  • How to communicate with children

Teaching Responsibility to Children: 

This series addresses the broad parenting issues that impact children becoming responsible. This section will cover some specific things parents can do to encourage this trait. Read more >

For more information, visit the FACE calendar HERE.

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Words of Wisdom

"Make decisions from your heart and use your head to make it work out. "
Sir Girad 

Counselor modeling responsibility
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Mindfulness Training Tips for Teachers You already have a host of mindfulness activities for the classroom in your toolkit, but what about tips for helping you — the educator — be more present in the moment? Have you ever tried to meditate, or practice mindfulness yourself? Read More >

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Relaxing Musical Moment

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How to Eat Healthy at School: Five Tips for Teachers

What I have noticed is that I end up cheating and eating unhealthy foods whenever I am super hungry and don’t have something healthy ready to eat.  This scenario tends to strike on days when I find myself literally running out the front door to get to school on time and don’t have time to make my lunch or pack snacks.  Read more >

10 Easy Stress-Relief Yoga Poses to Prevent Teacher Burnout 

Teaching is a tough profession. Heavy workloads, challenging students, and lack of support are just some of the issues today’s teachers have to handle. Read more >

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Community Resources

Click here for the community resource list.