Professional Development

Gifted and Talented Teachers


In accordance with Texas Education Agency Guidelines teachers who have students identified as Gifted and Talented must complete a 30-hour training session. Only those courses listed as "GT Foundations" Parts 1-6 will be allowed for the initial training. Teachers who have completed their 30-hour training are required to complete 6 hours of updates each year. Preference is given to the official Pick 6 courses provided by Region 10. All other courses must be approved in advance. 

Teachers who are assigned students after the school year begins have one (1) semester to complete the required 30-hour training. All hours must be added to Eduphoria Workshop for credit to be given. 

In-District Opportunities 
Be sure to check the Duncanville ISD Staff Development webpage and eduphoria! for in-district professional development opportunities. Look for courses labeled "GT

Out-of-District Opportunities
Region 10 offers online professional development opportunities. 

GT Supplemental Certification


GATE Teacher Identification PowerPoint: 

Teacher Identification PPT

Pre AP and AP

Gifted and Talented services are provided in grades 7-12 via differentiated instruction through the Pre Advanced Placement (Pre AP) and Advanced Placement (AP)classroom. 

Pre AP and AP teachers are required to complete the 30-hour foundation courses. 

Pre AP and AP teachers are encouraged to create an account at AP Central to ensure they are aware of best practices in the Advanced Placement program.

Pre AP and AP teachers are encouraged to attend an Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) once every three years to ensure that teachers have access to current practices and trends in the Advanced Placement format. 

SpringBoard courses require that the teacher is trained in SpringBoard classroom structures and strategies. Courses are typically offered in the summer. They may conflict with Summer School employment dates.  

SpringBoard resources are found at 

Remember APSI reimbursement is limited to teachers who will teach that course the following year. All teachers of AP and Pre AP courses are expected to complete an APSI every three years. 


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