Languages Other Than English

Duncanville LOTE Department


Each student will acquire knowledge of other cultures and demonstrate effective communication

within the intermediate range of proficiency.


To work collaboratively; to develop and implement best-practice,

TEKS-based communicative tasks;

and to monitor student progress through assessment.

NAME Ext # RM Subject EMAIL
Baxter, Tommy 3881 L-106 French 1
Bertrand, Ann 3784 I-118 Amer Sign Lang
Ervin, Joshlynn 3858 K-102 Span 2 Jervin@duncanvilleisd.rg
Escobar, Lindsey 3878 K-112 Span 4Adv, CC
Espinosa, Midiam 3862 K-107 Span 3PAP
Herrera Hooker, Lastenia 3882 K-136 Span 1, 2DC
Hughes, Elizabeth 3951 L-107 Fren 2, F3PAP,1Adv ehughes@duncanvilleisd.rg
McCray, Shannon 3860 K-104 Span 2
Perez, Albert 3857 K-101 Spanish 2, 5AP
Ramirez, Miriam 3880 K-135 Span 1
Robledo-Trevino, Adrian 3857 K-132 Span 1
Sutter, Brigitte 3877 K-133 Latin, German, French
Tornero Burcie, Christina 3861 K-105 Span 2/PreAP
Vasquez, Carolina 3859 K-103 Accel Span 1 & 2
Soto, Alicia (long term sub) 3955 L-109 Proximity Lab: Sp2, S1  
                   (long term sub) 3956 L-111 Proximity Lab: Sp1  
Branch, Sharra 3647 KEN 212 Intro to Span&Span PreAP
Chavez, Abraham   PACE 318 SPAN 1,2,3
McCoy, Nadia   KEN STEAM 608 Intro to Span&Span PreAP
Vanderheiden, Heather   REED P1 Intro to Span&Span PreAP
Zepeda, Priscilla   BYRD 502B Intro to Span&Span PreAP
Dr. Evangelista (LOTE Admin)   DHS- WEST AP-LOTE Administator
Pinter, Jose (Central Admin) 2065 PLAZA EL Instructional Specialist