Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning division directs the ongoing operations for the Curriculum and Instruction, Assessment, Interventions Services, Language Acquisition, and Early Childhood departments.  The Teaching and Learning team ensures timely and effective support to all campuses and other departments in Duncanville Independent School District to provide the highest quality educational experience for our students, families, and community.


Core Subjects
Teaching, Learning and Assessment- Ryan Flint, Director 

Our goal is to support campuses in delivering effective Tier I instruction to students by providing training, tools, and resources. We collaborate with district and campus teams to ensure high quality, high impact learning opportunities for all.

Early Childhood - Jennifer Dickson, Director 

The Early Childhood team serves to ensure our youngest learners,
ages 3-5, and their teachers have everything they need to be
successful. We support Administrators, staff and families to ensure
that our students are growing socially, emotionally and academically
throughout the school year. Our TXRA Coordinators ensure our K-3
teachers receive in depth literacy training through the state mandated Reading Academies.

Language Acquisition - Maria Hernandez, Director

The mission of the Language Acquisition department is to effectively support our students’ diverse academic, linguistic, and cognitive needs to help them become productive members of our society. Together, we will bring a force of excellence to schools, communities, and families.

Multi-Tier System of Supports & Intervention Services -Samantha Echebelem, Director

The Intervention Services Team seeks to provide high-quality supports
to students who have experienced difficulties with learning, are at risk of dropping out, and have a physical or mental impairment. 

Erica Reyes

Erica Reyes
Executive Director of Teaching & Learning

Maria Jimenez
Department Administrative Assistant

Hours of Operation
M-Th 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Teaching and Learning Center
9240 County View Rd.
Dallas, 75249

phone: 972-708-2000
fax: 972-708-2020