Academic Resources


The Parent Toolkit is a resource that was developed with parents in mind which focuses on aspects of child development. This toolkit includes various resources with expert advice from teachers, professors, parents, and many more.  




ReadyRosie is an early education tool that is currently helping schools and communities deepen parent engagement efforts by leveraging the power of video modeling and mobile technology to meet and equip parents where they are.  Be sure to complete this brief registration.




The TEKS Resource System provides the curriculum framework for which teachers and schools can plan instruction that meets the needs of individual students. Please contact your child's teacher or school in order to better understand how they are using the TEKS Resource System and its tools. The TCMPC believes that teachers, working with parents and their communities, know how to best educate their students.



Math4Texas showcases the Math TEKS by grade level with tips, examples, digital tools, and videos to help parents understand the math concepts and skills that their children are learning.