Dance Team

Duncanville ISD dance programs provide a safe environment for students to express themselves creatively through dance. The Duncanville High School Dance Department offers two unique opportunities for students. Students may participate in the dance classes (no required public performances) during the school year for a class credit. We also have two drill/dance teams. The showstoppers are the freshman drill/dance team. The recruiting meeting for that team is in the spring. The varsity dance/drill team is the high hats which consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Dance team recruiting sessions and typically held in December for the following school year.

High School

  • We encourage the development of dance, personal, and organizational skills through opportunities in and around the community and school.
  • Performances at half time for football and basketball
  • Guest performances in community parades and other schools within the district.
  • Competition or travel in the spring
  • Participate in the annual district Spring Show Dance Performance