Classroom Observation

Individuals are eligible to complete classroom observations in Duncanville ISD if:

  • Currently enrolled in a teacher degree program at a four-year college or university.
  • Currently seeking certification through an Alternative Certification Program.

Eligible Candidates will:

Submit all three (3) required documents at the same time to HR Inbox by scanning and emailing to:

Scheduling of Classroom Observations

  • Classroom observations will not be permitted during the first three (3) weeks of each semester.
  • Fall semester requests must be received on or before Oct. 15th
  • Spring semester requests must be received on or before February 12th
  • All requests for classroom observations are subject to space and availability
  • At any point during the school year, we reserve the right to deny classroom observers based on the number of requests received and District calendar of events
  • Duncanville ISD does not offer summer classroom observations

Human Resources Department will:

  • Notify the Applicant the request is approved through submission of an Observation Passport 
  • Observer is responsible for communicating with the campus within 3 business days to schedule his/her classroom observations.
  • Observer is responsible for informing the campus of any necessary scheduling changes.
  • Observer is required to bring Observation Passport and valid identification to observation assignment
  • Failure to do so may result in dismissal from observation opportunities