The following links are to webinars sponsored by VariQuest, the company that develops a number of pieces of equipment available in the Media Center including the Cutout Maker 1800, the Poster Maker 3600, the Trifecta 3D printer and the Perfecta 3600. These webinars present a wealth of excellent information with only a mild amount of self-promotion. I think they are all worth the hour spent watching. Please look at the links following the webinar for extra printable materials.

Interactive Notebooks

Notebook Parent Letter

Interactive Notebooks-Student Guide

Cut & Paste Templates


Anchor Charts

Effective Anchor Charts Flip Book

Rainbow Summary

Sketch Notes Anchor Chart


Maker Space

Picture Books to Promote STEAM

Boat Lesson Plan

VariQuest Maker Space Blog Entry:

Understanding the Maker Movement:

Whole Brain Instruction

Brain Info Graphic

Making Music Lesson Plan

Engaging Learners with Whole-Brain Experiences Flip Book

Pink Brains vs Blue Brains