After School Snack Program

The After School Snack Program is provided by Nutrition Services every school year. The After School Snack Program was authorized to enhance nutrition benefits for all children with a special emphasis on older children by authorizing reimbursement for snacks served to children through age 18, who participate in programs organized to provide after school care. The intent of these provisions is to assist schools that operate organized programs of care, which include education or enrichment activities. The educational or enrichment activities must be in an organized, structured and supervised environment.

The Nutrition Services Department will be able to receive reimbursement to help offset the cost of snacks provided to schools that will qualify. This will offer great savings to schools in the operation of the programs, allowing schools to use funds to improve the function of the program itself. Under this provision, requirements are that each child receives one snack per day. Nutrition Services will provide nutritious snacks that meet requirements established by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to schools that will qualify.

The school will be responsible for ordering snacks based on student participation, having attendance information available for each and an accurate count of the number of snacks actually served to students along with a roster that includes student name. Nutrition Services will provide all necessary forms.

The following procedures should be followed when participating in the After School Snack Program.

  1. Complete the Agreement Form. The form provides documentation of the type of After School Program including information of the educational or enrichment activity involved. Multiple activities can be included on one form. Return the form to Tracey Marcum, Director of Nutrition Services
  2. If you have questions on the following, please contact Nutrition Services.
    1. Identification of a secure location for delivery and storage of snacks.
    2. The process of ordering snacks.
    3. The process of maintaining accurate records of student attendance on a daily basis. Examples: Teacher grade book, roster, sign-in sheet, etc. You can download a roster here. 
    4. The process of maintaining accurate counts of the number of snacks served to students.  No link to a form is needed.
    5. The procedure of returning leftover snacks to the cafeteria manager.
    6. Adults can order snacks at a cost of $1.00 per snack.
    7. No cash will be collected in the classroom. Adults will have their account debited for payment of all snacks. Payments can be made to the cafeteria manager.
    8. The After School Snack process will be monitored throughout the school year.
    9. Nutrition Services has a snack menu cycle that will be used.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.