Filing a Complaint

The Duncanville ISD Police Department has established a formal complaint procedure because it provides us valuable assistance in correcting inefficiencies and preserving organizational integrity.  Secondly, the department will not condone or excuse any willful ethical or professional misconduct. We wish to know of any such instances so that we can take appropriate corrective action.  Therefore, constructive criticism is welcomed.

The department also acknowledges that, at certain times, conflicts between community - parents, students, staff/faculty, and agency employees can arise. It is essential to the safety of our community that the relationship between police, the students, faculty/staff, and the community members be built on confidence and trust. Law enforcement cannot be effective without this vital conviction by all parties. 

Many issues can be resolved by a visit or telephone call to the employee's supervisor. The supervisor will talk with you about your concern and try to resolve it. If you wish not to resolve your concerns in this manner, you are encouraged to make use of our citizen complaint process.

Please read the fact sheet describing our complaint procedure.  All formal complaints must be in writing.  To initiate a formal complaint, complete the Initial Complaint Noticewhich should contain all details relevant to your complaint.  The notice must be notarized by any notary or at the Police Department during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 – 4:00. You will be provided a copy of the completed Initial Complaint Notice, which will serve as your receipt of initiating a complaint.   

All complaints are forwarded to the Chief of Police or his/her designee. All complaint investigations are normally completed within thirty (30) standard business days. You will be informed of the results or the status of our investigation within five (5) days from the date you file your formal written complaint.  If more time is needed to properly investigate the complaint you will be notified in writing.

If you have questions regarding the complaint process or the status of your complaint, please contact the Assistant Chief of Police at (972) 708-3800.

The Chief of Police will make the final determination about the disposition of any complaint.