New Teacher Induction and Mentoring

New Teacher Induction:

Duncanville ISD realizes that joining a new school community is exciting but at times challenging as well. Learning new systems, policies, procedures, and curriculum takes time and effort. It is our goal in Duncanville ISD to provide a solid teacher induction program that eases the transition for new staff, giving time, support, and relationships needed to thrive.

Induction is an umbrella term for the supports put in place to assist teachers in adapting to a new workplace culture. We provide an initial New Teacher Orientation at the start of the school year to support the most immediate needs. Our mentoring program matches experienced campus teachers with new teachers in their first or second year of teaching. Campus PLC and leadership teams strive to assist the new staff members with continuous collaboration throughout the school year. Developing and retaining highly qualified and highly effective staff is a priority for Duncanville ISD.

New Teacher Orientation 

Mentoring Program:

The quality of teachers is the most powerful determinant of student success. A highly effective teacher develops strong relationships with students, organizes a supportive yet structured learning environment, and facilitates student learning for all. Teaching is an important job. Students matter and every moment matters; therefore, it is imperative that every student have the right to equitable learning opportunities from very capable teachers. Through our mentoring program, master teachers are selected to provide mentoring support to teachers entering their careers. This partnership provides support to promote the success of new teachers.

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