Federal Funds

Comprehensive Needs Assessment & Improvement Plan

Local board policy, state regulation and federal law requires districts and campuses to complete a comprehensive needs assessment (CNA) and improvement plans. The purpose of a CNA is to examine multiple sources of data to identify the priority needs and direction for the school. This critical process is the pre-work to the development of the district and campus improvement plans and decisions regarding the justification for use of funds.

The improvement plans consist of Goals, Objectives and Strategies outlining the plan for to meet the needs identified in the CNA.

  • Goals = focus areas
  • Objectives = what we expect to achieve
  • Strategies = action steps on how to meet the objective including staff responsible, impact and funding source

Supplemental Funds

Federal funds must be used to supplement (increase level of service), not supplant (replace) services, staff, programs, or materials that would otherwise be paid with state or local fund or that are required by SBOE policy.

Required use of Federal Funds

All federal funds must be reasonable, necessary, allowable and allocable