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  • Grades are automatically pulled from Skyward during the Posting window
  • These dates will also appear on the Skyward login page for teachers throughout the year.

Enter Report Cards Comments

Gradebook assistance example

Enter Transfer Grades for a New Student


New Student to the District

The office and the teacher have to transfer a new student's grade into a teacher's grade book.

MANDATORY: The office enters transfer grade into the grade bucket.

MANDATORY: The teacher must then transfer the grade into their gradebook for semester and final average properly.


Grade Verifications 

Verify grades at the end of each grading period to ensure accurate grades are printed on report cards.

What to look for:

  • Verify there are no grade differences.
  • Verify all NEW buttons have been processed.
  • Verify there are no non-equal signs.
Gradebook assistance example

Grade Change Requests

A Grade Difference is when a student's grade changes after the grading window closes and grades have already been posted.

It is acceptable to have a Grade Difference for a Progress Report grade.

It is NOT acceptable to have a Grade Difference for a Report Card grade.

A Grade Change Request is required to to alter a student's grade after the grade window has closed. This is also referred to as "opening the grade window" and is most often needed because:

    • a posted grade has changed. (Grade Difference)
    • a grade did not post.
    • a grade needs to be changed from "Incomplete" to a grade.
    • a Progress Report grade did not post.
      First page of the PDF file: SkywardGradeChangeRequest