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The IMPACT Learning program’s mission is to inspire, motivate performance, and access collaboration through technology and learning. All students will be issued a device to access electronic resources for academic purposes through this program. The device will remain with that student until the student graduates, leaves the district, or is due to receive a different device based on regular device replacements or grade promotion. Please use this page to access our Student and Parent Guide for IMPACT Learning, campus contacts for technology questions, and device insurance information.

To learn more read the full Student and Parent Guide

 Optional Device Insurance Plan

Repair Process and Optional Insurance

  • A damaged device must be turned into the IMPACT Learning Campus Lead assigned to your student’s campus for assessment and repair. Fees for repair or replacement will be imposed in accordance with the Damage/Repair Fee Schedule and participation in the insurance program.
  • All device replacement and/or repairs will be conducted via the Duncanville ISD Technology Department.
  • The student may be given a loaner device or accessory to use while a damaged device is being assessed and repaired. Loaner devices are checked in and out of the campus library every day and are not taken home.
  •  Parents/guardians and students are able to purchase optional insurance that will cover accidental damage, vandalism, theft, and mechanical failure. More information on the group policy insurance, costs, and the purchasing link are available on the IMPACT Learning resource page on the school district website.
  • The optional insurance covers accidental damage, theft, and standard perils for Chromebooks and theft and standard perils for iPads. iPad accidental damages are covered under AppleCare warranty which is included with each district iPad.

Insurance Plan

Duncanville ISD has partnered with Worth Ave. Group to offer device insurance to protect against accidental damage, theft, vandalism, cracked screens, and other perils. Worth Ave Group provides extensive information on why mobile device insurance is essential. 


Damage/Repair Fee Schedule

damage /repair fee schedule graphic

*Hotspots do not have any serviceable parts and are not covered by the insurance.                                                                          **iPad screens are covered by Apple’s warranty, however Apple will only replace one screen per device under the warranty so any additional screen replacements will be charged to the student.

General Program Information

● All students will be issued a device to access electronic resources for academic purposes and the device will remain with that student until the student graduates, leaves the district, or is due to receive a different device based on regular device replacements or grade promotion.

● The device is the property of Duncanville Independent School District (ISD) and will be checked out to the student for academic use. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with the Student Handbook, Code of Conduct, and the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.

● The terms “device” or “equipment” refers to an iPad, Chromebook, or laptop along with power cords or chargers, sleeves/cases, and hotspots. Each piece of equipment is issued as an educational resource. The expectations of care for this equipment can be equated to those of a textbook or other school property.

● Devices are on loan to students and remain the property of Duncanville ISD.

● All students are accountable to the school district policies, procedures, and rules as well as local, state, and federal laws.

● District equipment and systems must be used primarily for instructional and administrative purposes. [CQ (Local)]

● All rules and guidelines are in effect before, during, and after school hours including weekends for all district equipment on or off campus.

● All files stored on district equipment or systems are the property of the district and are subject to review and monitoring.

● Students are responsible for the general care of devices, sleeves/cases, chargers, and/or accessories issued by the school and should strive to keep it in good condition.

● All devices are issued with either a case or protective sleeve. Students are not allowed to remove cases from devices. Devices issued with a protective sleeve must be transported in the sleeve.

● Students who identify or know about a security problem are expected to report the details to a teacher, administrator, or technology staff member without discussing the matter with other students.

● Students are expected to notify staff members immediately if they come across information, images, or messages that are inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, or causes discomfort. Inappropriate materials may be defined as explicit or implicit references to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, obscene language, nudity, bullying, harassment, or other topics covered by the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

● All students are expected to follow copyright laws and educational fair use policies. [CY (Local)]

● Students will not loan equipment to other students or family members. Damage incurred to devices is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian.

● Students will not share logins or passwords nor conduct activities intended to harass others, damage devices, change other students' work, or cause a cybersecurity incident.

● Failure to comply at all times with Duncanville ISD’s Student Handbook, Code of Conduct, and Student Acceptable Use Policy may terminate your rights of possession effective immediately and the district may repossess the property.