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    The entire Duncanville ISD Technology department takes a customer-driven business-oriented approach to providing technology services to the district each day. Our customers are the student, parents and staff of DISD and members of the IDEA team strive tirelessly to ensure that our customer's needs are met as best and as quickly as possible.

    Our departments success is based on the level of customer service we provide to all our end users within Duncanville ISD. In August of 2014 a baseline survey was conducted to get a feel for how the DISD Technology department was doing with customer service. That baseline report came back with an average customer service rating of 85% satisfied. This baseline gave the DISD IDEA TEAM the information they need to start the customer service transformation.
    What does the customer service survey measure?

    Customer Service percentage 

    1. Responsiveness of Technician

    2. Technician competency

    3. Interruption of class

    4. Technician appearance

    5. Overall satisfaction

    2014-2015                 96%
    2015-2016                 96%
    based on results from over 15,000 tickets

Last Modified on June 20, 2016