• New Student Registration and Enrollment 

    Immediately upon moving into Duncanville ISD, parents/guardians and their student should register at the school zoned for their residence by bringing the below listed required information and documents.  All the required information must be presented to complete enrollment.

    Where do I enroll?


    New students entering grades K-12 may enroll online at any time through the New Student Online Enrollment application on the Skyward login page.  After the parent/guardian submits the student’s online enrollment application, the parent/guardian will receive an email from the campus registrar with instructions on the next steps and when to bring parent/guardian enrollment documents to Document Review in early August. 

    School and Bus Find

    Not sure what school is zoned for your residence?  Click on https://www.duncanvilleisd.org/Domain/51 to locate your student’s home campus. 


    Required documents

    During the enrollment process, the parent/guardian will need to provide the following documents:

    • birth certificate for the child, original or certified true copy
    • immunization records
    • proof of residence within the district boundaries (see below) or an approved transfer from Student Services.
    • social security card (if available)
    • most recent report card (if applicable)
    • previous school records, including a copy of the student's Home Language Survey
    • parent/guardian will also need to present an acceptable photo ID, see below.

    If enrolling in Prekindergarten, see the Pre-K enrollment section below for additional required documents.

    Acceptable Photo ID:

    • A state issued driver’s license
    • A Texas ID
    • A valid passport with current address
    • A military or government issued ID
    • A consular card

    Non-Acceptable Photo ID:

    • Costco Card or other similar membership type card
    • A debit or credit card with photo

    What can be used as proof of residency?

    To prove that parent/guardian live within district boundaries, please provide either:

    • current, original water, gas, electric, or cable bill. All proof of residency must show a service address and be dated within the last 30 days.
    • lease agreement for house or apartment – a valid, and current, housing contract will be accepted if the contract states that all bills are paid. A housing contract that is not all bills paid will be accepted for no more than 30 days.  After 30 days the parent/guardian must present a current, original utility bill.
    • An Affidavit of Residence form is acceptable if the parent/guardian and the student are currently living with another person and the proof of residency is in that person's name. The person with whom the parent/student live will complete an Affidavit of Residence (AOR) form, which is available at all campuses and the Education Plaza.  The person with whom the parent/student lives with will accompany the parent/student to the student’s campus to present the completed AOR and a current, original utility bill.  The parent and the person presenting the AOR will also need to present a photo ID. 


    Campus Document Review will be held weekdays at district campuses from Thursday, August 1 through Friday, August 9 from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  


    Prekindergarten enrollment


    • Pre-K classes are available to students that meet eligibility requirements.
    • Parent/guardians are encouraged to start the registration and enrollment process early. For complete details on Pre-K registration and enrollment visit the Pre-K and Kindergarten registration page at https://www.duncanvilleisd.org/Page/9584.