Mr. Kendall Graves

Phone: (972) 708-6612


Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Bachelor of Communication Studies (Liberal Arts) Certification(s): Early Childhood - 4th grade (Generalist)

Mr. Kendall Graves

I am proud to say this will be my 12th year working in Duncanville ISD and my 10th year as the Physical Education teacher with the proud Bulldogs of THE Bilhartz Elementary!!!


My passion is working with students in areas of life lessons, the benefits of physical activity/exercises (aerobic and anaerobic), living healthy, team building, social skills, and safety practices. 

I have previously worked as an an aide to all grades in elementary, an office clerk assistant, a math and reading tutor, a second grade teacher In my first year of teaching, and now a Physical Education and Health teacher!  Working out, writing poetry, listening to music, playing basketball, exercising, and going to sporting events are all activities I enjoy outside of working with students at Bilhartz.  


My goal each year is for students to learn the importance of growth in all areas, a healthy lifestyle, and how to build a positive character. I want students to understand they can begin working toward a life that will make their family proud, and understand that not others but YOU control your future!  The students that I see each and every day bring a smile to my face and each day is a chance for me to help another student, help them make a difference in their life, and of course be the best that they can be!  My once second grade's class but now gym motto (that all of my students know) is: “Love ourselves, be the BEST that I can be, and Learn as MUCH as I can!”  I truly believe that you must love yourself first to have a sense of self-awareness of how important we are, and understand that we have to take care of ourselves and care about ourselves first in order to succeed.  Second being the best that you can be not only in school, but at home Is a positive step in the right direction to living a successful life.  Lastly, I LOVE learning, and I want my students to take in that desire, and always seek out ways to better themselves in many ways as possible.  Teaching has brought me so much happiness, and being a part of students learning and smiling is my goal each and every single day!  I love this job!


"It's Choice not Chance that determines your destiny." - Jean Nidetch