Treva Millarr

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Treva Millarr

Let me tell you a little about myself.  First and foremost, I am a mother of three and a grandmother of six (excluding my grand-dogs, grand-cats, grand-goats, and grand-cows)!  My husband and both sons are either retired from or currently serving in the military in some capacity and my daughter is the women's soccer coach and aquatics director at an Oklahoma college.


I've been an employee of Duncanville ISD since August, 2006.  When I moved to Texas, I was fortunate enough to come at just the right time because Brandenburg Intermediate was in need of a teacher for (what was then) their Life Skills classroom.  Being a former first-grade teacher and resource teacher for first through third grade, I wasn't quite sure if this was the right placement for me but after that first meeting with the students, it was meant to be.  The students took me in, taught me everything they knew, and molded me into the teacher I am today.  I couldn't have made it without them.  They say you will always remember your first class.  I do.  I also remember the last class and every class in between.  Right now, I can't imagine teaching anything else.  


As for my background, I grew up in a home where education was one of the high priorities.  As far back as I can remember, I knew I would finish high school, enter college and leave with a degree to enter my career of choice.  No other options were acceptable in my home.  With my father being an educator himself, he taught us at a young age the love of learning. After graduating from high school, I started immediately into college.  I graduated from Missouri Southern State College with my bachelor's degree and soon after from Pittsburg State with my Masters.  Directly after graduating with my bachelor's degree, I accepted my first teaching position with Miami Public Schools in Miami, Oklahoma as a first-grade teacher where I remained until I resigned 15 years later in order to open a nursing home there in my hometown.  For the next eight years, I found myself working as a nursing home administrator in NE Oklahoma before returning to my first love, the love of teaching.  At that time, my husband's work required us to make a move to Kentucky so I took a position with Flaherty Elementary School in Flaherty, Kentucky where I taught first through third-grade resource before moving to Texas (again for his work) where I currently reside and teach.  The rest is history.