Ms. Oredia Marsh

Phone: 972-708-3628


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Master of Science, Criminal Justice Teacher Certification, English Language Arts and Reading Grades 4-8

Ms. Oredia Marsh

Ms. Oredia Marsh is a 7th grade English Language Arts and Reading educator. She is entering her tenth year as an educator. Ms. Marsh is a graduate of Grambling State University, holding both Bachelor and Master degrees in Criminal Justice.

It is her educational belief that every child has a gift, it’s just opened at different times. As an educator, her role is not only to embrace students where they are, but to arouse their scholarly intelligence and encourage them to become flexible problem solvers to prepare them for adulthood. Every student will not come to you with the immediate academic or social skills that are required to be successful. However, as an educational advisor, I will facilitate learning and motivate academic and social growth. Ms. Marsh believes teachers must encourage students to acknowledge where they are both academically and socially, set goals to begin growth, and inspire them to reach their goals. Educators must provide a safe, secure and supportive atmosphere to assist students in developing and fostering a purposeful and positive relationship with others. It is her goal to instill a lifelong love of learning for students to become positive and productive citizens.

  • Ms. Oredia L. Marsh

    English Language Arts and Reading Class

    1st period – 9:00-9:47 - English Language Arts

    2nd period – 9:51-10:38 - English Language Arts

    3rd period – 10:42-11:29 - English Language Arts

    4th period – 11:33-12:20 - Conference Period

    5th period – 12:24-1:54 Activity Period

                       A Lunch – 12:24-1:00

                       B Lunch – 1:21-1:57 

    6th period – 1:58-2:45 - English Language Arts

    7th period – 2:49-3:38 - Reading

    8th period – 3:42-4:30 - Reading