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Masters of Arts in Professional Development Bachelors of Business Administration Family Consumer Science Certified Business Education 6-12 Certified EC-12 Certified Advanced Marketing Certification Microsoft Office Specialist Certified

Mrs. Javaun Price

Welcome to Duncanville High School's Education and Training Cluster.   I am excited that you are here! I'm sure some of you may be familiar with education and training, however, I assure you that by the end of the year, you will learn more and improve your current skills.

Principles of Education and Training (PET) course is designed to introduce learners to the various careers available within the education and training career cluster. Students use self-knowledge and educational and career information to analyze various careers within the education and training career cluster, as it pertains to teaching, professional support services, counseling and administration. Students will also gain an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills essential to careers within the education and training career cluster.

Human Growth and Development (HGD) course is an examination of human development across the lifespan with emphasis upon research, theoretical perspectives, and common physical, cognitive, emotional, and social developmental milestones. The course covers material that is generally taught in a postsecondary, one-semester introductory course in developmental psychology or human development.

Instructional Practices in Education and Training (iPET) and Practicum in Education and Training (PiE&T)  These courses are field-based internship that provides students with background knowledge of child and adolescent development as well as principles of effective teaching and training practices. Students work under the joint direction and supervision of both a teacher with knowledge of early childhood education and exemplary educators or trainers in direct instructional roles with elementary school, intermediate school, and middle school aged students. Students learn to plan and direct individualized instruction and group activities, prepare instructional materials, develop materials for educational environments, assist with record keeping, and complete other responsibilities of teachers, trainers, paraprofessionals, or other educational personnel.

Each course students will learn to express themselves in both oral and written communication form while interacting with others professionally.  They will also have an opportunity to learn and grow professionally via conferences and contests in our student led state organization, Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) and our national organization, Educators Rising (ER)

I look forward to working with you this year!

Javaun Price
TAFE Advisor
CTE Instructor & PLC Team Lead

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    Mrs. Price 

    Career and Technical Education

    Public Services Endorsement

    Education and Training Cluster

    Room L- 108


    Principles of Education and Training (PET) -

    Human Growth and Development (HGD) - 

    Instructional Practices in Education and Training (iPET) -

    Practicum in Education and Training (PiE&T) -

    Texas Association of Future Eduators (TAFE) -



    • 1st Block - PET
    • 2nd/3rd Block – iPET & PiE&T
    • 4th Block - Planning
    • 8th Block - HGD



    • 1st Block - PET
    • 5th/6th Block - iPET & PiE&T and EXtended Practicum in ET
    • 7th Block - HGD
    • 8th Block - HGD