Mr. Aaron Tom



Degrees and Certifications:

M.S. Environmental Engineering Southern Methodist University B.S. Environmental Engineering Southern Methodist University

Mr. Aaron Tom

I think that too many students feel that math is this foreign language and that it is too hard.   I want to be that teacher that made them go, “aha,” or be that teacher that made them think, “Maybe I can be a mathematician, engineer, a scientist, and a scholar of lifelong learning.”  I believe that with my strong background in math and a strong comprehension of the subject, I will be able to teach using multiple mediums (PowerPoint, visuals, activities, and games), utilizing multiple techniques to reach every student who enters my classroom. 

I want students to love and understand that math makes sense. Math is a very approachable subject where if the proper steps are completed, success and mastery should be achieved. In math, even complicated questions can all be broken down into smaller steps. I want to create a safe and dynamic learning environment where students will be able to explore and succeed.  My goal is that every student can feel confident and can go on to have the necessary skills to succeed, especially when comes to math.


Hobbies include: Rock Climbing, Music, Tennis, Eating