• Duncanville ISD Dress Code

    The District maintains dress and grooming standards because it believes that students who dress and groom themselves in a manner considered acceptable and appropriate by the community will become more responsible citizens of the community.

    The District believes that the business of school is student learning and that school dress and grooming standards should support that purpose, as well as promote a safe, orderly learning environment.

    Further, the District believes that one worthwhile goal of a comprehensive education is learning that different situations require different modes of dress and behavior. School is a place of business, not a social club. Therefore, the dress and grooming of a student should reflect the serious intent of one who is going to work with an important job to do.

    Accordingly, dress and grooming standards should promote a businesslike atmosphere that is comfortable but not too casual, free from disruption, easily enforced by teachers and administrators so as to not take away time from instruction, and easily self-monitored so that students and parents can ensure that the standards are met prior to the student coming to school.

    Each student and parent shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with all aspects of this Code when the student enters the school premises, and during the time the student is on school premises during the regular school hours. Before making final clothing purchase decisions, parents and students are responsible for reviewing the Dress Code in its entirety. The policy can be viewed online at www .duncanvilleisd.org. Parents and students will be held accountable for all information listed in the policy. Items worn in violation of this Code will be taken up by a school official and returned to the parent in person at the campus.

    The Board of Trustees delegates to the principal the authority to make final determinations as to whether clothing or grooming is or is not within this Code. The ruling of the building principal regarding compliance/non-compliance with this Dress & Grooming Code and corresponding consequences assigned for violation of the Code is final and may not be appealed to the Superintendent, his/her designee, or the Board.


    Dress Code Standards

    Applicable to all Grades

    1. The District prohibits pictures, emblems, or writings on clothing that are lewd, offensive,
    vulgar or obscene, or that depict or advertise tobacco products, cult or gang-related, alcoholic
    beverages of any kind, drugs, or any other controlled substances, and prohibits any dress or
    grooming that in the principal’s judgment is startling, unusual, or immodest.

    2. Suitable footwear shall be worn at all times. All footwear are soled and closed toe. Flip
    Flops, shower shoes, beach thongs, etc., heelys, and heels higher than 2 inches and house shoes
    are not acceptable for school.

    3. All articles of clothing are to be hemmed.

    4. All shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders and be constructed of a solid material.
    Shirts must be long enough to reach below the top of the pant/skirt.

    5. All shirts/blouses must cover cleavage, the entire back, and midriff.

    6. Tops (shirts, blouses, sweaters and outerwear) – There is no restriction of colors. Tops without
    collars must be of a solid color and may not contain logos, emblems, or designs. Bottom
    of garment (top) must reach below the top of the pant/skirt. Logos and designs on collared
    tops are restricted to content that is not lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene and cannot depict or
    advertise tobacco products, cult or gang-related, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or other controlled
    substances. Spirit shirts, with prior approval of the campus principal, may be worn at any time.

    7. Pants/Capri pants, skirts, dresses, and jumpers must reach the bend of the knee. Pants must
    be constructed of substantial solid material. Denim is allowed. Students in grades PK – 4 are
    allowed to wear shorts and skorts.

    8. Shorts and skorts are allowed in Grades PK – 4 only, and are not allowed in Grades 5 - 12.

    9. Warm up suits and sweatpants are not allowed.

    10. Sagging of pants or any similar associated style is not allowed.

    11. Dresses, skirts, and jumpers are allowed, but may not be shorter than the bend of the knee
    and must be hemmed.

    12. Garments with hoods may not be worn with the hood over the head inside the building
    during the school day.

    13. Hats, caps, bandanas, headscarves, or other headwear are not allowed on campus during
    school hours. The principal, for religious or medical reasons, may grant an exception.

    14. For safety reasons, all students shall refrain from exhibiting eyebrow, lip piercings, nose,
    or other facial piercings. Facial/Body piercings or body piercing spacers, gauges, cones, and
    similar items are not allowed.

    15. Students’ hair shall be clean, neat, and well-groomed. Hair styles or color shall not, in the
    opinion of administration, cause a health or safety hazard or cause a disruption of the educational
    process. Facial hair should be neat, clean, closely trimmed, and not be a distraction to the
    learning environment.

    16. Dark glasses (sunglasses) worn in the building are to be worn only upon the written request
    of a physician and with permission from the principal.

    17. Yoga pants, stretch pants, spandex leggings, Spanx or similar clothing items are not permitted
    unless overlaid with a shirt/blouse that covers the student’s legs to the bend of the knee.


    A Dress Code Violation Is A Level I offense and Consequences for all
    grades will be determined by the campus Behavior Coordinat or in
    accordance with the Code of Conduct.