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    Duncanville High School Choral Department Texas All State Choir

    Proud to announce our students did an outstanding job auditioning yesterday for the Texas All State Choir. The following students will be advancing to Area auditions in January after placing in the Top 5 tonight at Pre-Area auditions held at Highland Park High School.
    1. Brianna Villarreal – 3rd chair, Soprano 2 – 12th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    2. Evelyn Ontiveros – 3rd chair, Alto 1 – 12th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    3. Julie Legget IV – 4th chair, Alto 2 – 12th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    4. Angel Fierro – 3rd chair, Tenor 1 – 11th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    5. Obri Nash-Carroll – 4th chair, Tenor 1 – 9th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    6. Juan Rios – 4th chair, Tenor 2 – 10th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    7. Lavontay Jackson – 5th chair, Tenor 2 – 12th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    8. Jeroham Ortega – 2nd chair, Bass 2 – 11th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    9. Nickolas Jones – 3rd chair, Bass 2 – 12th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)
    10. Quinton Prater – 4th chair, Bass 2 – 11th grade (ADVANCING TO AREA)

    Schools with students advancing:

    • Duncanville HS – 10
    • Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy – 9
    • Booker T. Washington HSPVA – 8
    • Highland Park HS – 3
    • DeSoto HS – 3
    • Waxahachie HS – 2
    • Red Oak HS – 1
    • Townview – 1
    • Conrad HS – 1
    • Irving HS – 1
    • Homeschool – 1
    Those selected now advance to Area auditions on January 11, 2020, at Midway High School in Waco, Texas, which is the final phase of the Texas All-State Choir selection process. Please congratulate these students when you see them.

    Congratulations All-Region Orchestra

    • Piccolo 1st Chair – Area Chair: Breaunna Campbell
    • Flute Alternate: Ja’Yanna Brown
    • English Horn 1st Chair: Francisco Rubio
    • Bassoon 1st Chair—Area Chair: Michael Manns
    • Bassoon 3rd Chair: Bronson Hooper
    • Bassoon Alternate: Doriann Woods
    • Alto Saxophone Alternate: Gabriel Escamilla
    • Trumpet 2nd Chair—Area Chair: Samuel Reyes
    • Trumpet 4th Chair—Area Chair: Ruben Alvarez
    • Trumpet—Area Chair: Antonio Layton
    • Horn 5th Chair—Area Chair: Iris Rangel
    • Horn Alternate: Caitlyn Kile
    • Tenor Trombone 1st Chair—Area Chair: Jaime Salas
    • Tenor Trombone 2nd Chair—Area Chair: Xavian Clay
    • Bass Trombone Alternate: Yahir Mendez
    • Percussion 3rd Chair—Area Chair: Cesar Morin
    • Percussion 5th Chair: Bryan Chacon

    Acapella Choir

    A Cappella Choir

    Duncanville High School’s a cappella choir has been invited to perform at the opening session of the 2020 Texas Music Educators Association convention in February. The choir, under the direction of Jesse Cannon, is the only high school ensemble invited to participate in the special performance celebrating the organization’s centennial.

    “To be invited to perform for the largest collection of music educators in the world, is without question, one of the highest honors any high school ensemble in Texas can receive,” said Duncanville Director of Fine Arts, Steven Moss.

    As to why Duncanville was selected for the honor, TMEA administrative director Kay Van Landingham called Duncanville High School choral director Jesse Cannon ‘the real deal.’

    "What he and the district are offering those kids is truly phenomenal."

    TMEA’s opening program, called ‘It Starts with Music,’ will take place at the San Antonio Convention Center’s Lila Cockrell Theatre on Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 7:00 p.m.

    TMEA is an association of more than 13,000 school music educators dedicated to promoting excellence in music education.


    Anijah Millage, 5th Chair- Reed

    Bb Clarinet
    Jisela Gamez, 2nd Chair- Reed
    Beilly S. Vasquez Ramirez, 5th Chair- Byrd
    Jasmine Uzarraga, 8th Chair- Byrd
    Lilly Salcedo, 9th Chair- Kennemer
    Jaci Ramirez, 12th Chair- Reed
    Alyssa J. Carvajal, 13th Chair- Byrd

    Alto Saxophone
    Raphael Caballes, 2nd Chair- Kennemer

    Tenor Saxophone
    Servando Rodriguez, 1st Chair- Reed

    Anry Ramirez Garcia, 1st Chair- Reed
    Lino Espinosa, 5th Chair- Byrd
    Joshua Retiz, 6th Chair- Reed

    Gianna Murray, 3rd Chair- Byrd
    Aaron Ortiz, 4th Chair- Byrd
    Katherine Roblero, 7th Chair- Byrd
    Krisalyn Campbell, 8th Chair- Kennemer

    Marlon Marquez, 5th Chair- Byrd
    Jonathan Alvarez, 6th Chair- Kennemer

    Damian Lugo, 2nd Chair- Byrd
    Gustavo Popoca, 3rd Chair- Reed


    Jholany Cardenas, 2nd Chair- Byrd
    Lasanie Detthan, 7th Chair- Reed
    Jocelynn Parra, 13th Chair- Byrd

    Makayla Seaberry, 8th Chair- Kennemer
    Audrey Edwards, 10th Chair- Kennemer
    Dayanara Everardo, 14th Chair- Kennemer
    Adrian Reyna, 15th Chair- Byrd

    Bass Clarinet
    Paola Garfias, 2nd Chair- Kennemer

    Alto Saxophone
    Javier Penaloza, 4th Chair- Kennemer

    Tenor Saxophone
    Richard Dominguez, Jr., 1st Chair- Kennemer

    Cristal Alvarez, 8th Chair- Kennemer

    Dylan Sims, 1st Chair- Kennemer
    Christian Wynn, 7th Chair- Kennemer

    Cailah Henderson, 1st Chair- Kennemer
    Jose Fraile, 9th Chair- Byrd


    Sarah Mata, 3rd Chair- Kennemer


    Deanna Rodgers, 9th Chair- Byrd

    Sofia Torres-Salinas, 1st Chair- Byrd

    Jose Solis, 2nd Chair- Byrd
    Omar Munoz, 7th Chair- Kennemer
    Ernesto Arreola, 8th Chair- Reed

    Mia Hawkins, 1st Chair- Kennemer

    Jonathan Arias, 2nd Chair- Byrd
    Tahlaysia Neal, 8th Chair- Byrd


    Eva Walters, 1st Chair- Byrd

    Ajaila Joseph, 3rd Chair- Kennemer
    Toan Nguyen, 8th Chair- Kennemer
    Jordyn Drayton, 10th Chair- Kennemer

    Bass Clarinet
    Isabel Pulgarin, 1st Chair- Kennemer
    Cynthia Zamora, 3rd Chair- Byrd

    Madison Mbugua, 1st Chair- Kennemer

    Alto Saxophone
    Sarahi Hernandez, 1st Chair- Byrd

    Bari Saxophone
    Savannah Stepanian, 1st Chair- Reed

    Antonio Arreola, 5th Chair- Byrd
    Montell Taylor, 12th Chair- Kennemer
    Jacalyn Olvera Mendoza, 1st Chair- Reed

    Angel Ramos, 1st Chair- Reed

    Jyra Lewis, 1st Chair- Kennemer
    Jesse Cavazos, 2nd Chair- Reed


  • Steven H. Moss
    Director of Fine Arts

    Denise Hernandez
    Administrative Assistant 


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