DHS Band Students:

    I hope this email finds you safe and sound! We really miss seeing all of you!

    Your directors have developed a plan to help you continue to develop your playing and listening skills during our time away from each other.  

    Starting next week, March 30, we will begin using Google Classroom for all band assignments so you will need to join your band class using the codes listed at the end of this email. Please join by the end of this week, March 28. (Students in Applied Music must also join the Applied Music course, too.)

    You will have two graded assignments that will be due at the end of each week over the next 4 weeks: A video submission of a playing assignment and a written response to a listening assignment. (Percussion will have different assignments)

    Your director may also add supplemental items for you to explore on your own that will not be graded.

    The 5th week of the grading period (April 27-May 1) will be a video submission of the 12 major scales and full range chromatic scale. We will use this video for auditions for the 2020-2021 bands for 8th-11th graders and a final exam for 12th graders. (percussion will have different assignments)

    We have purposefully made the weekly assignments for band as short and achievable as possible because we understand this is a strange way to finish out the year for all of your classes, but we want to encourage you to take advantage of this situation by developing the most important skill of all:  Become your own teacher!

    When it really comes down to it, your “teachers” are really just providers of information with motivation through inspiration and grades. YOU are the most important person when it comes to your own education!

    Keep yourself motivated and make your core classes a priority over the next weeks (or months). When you need a break from English or math or science, go play your instrument for 20 minutes, then get back to teaching yourself the information your teachers are providing you in those core classes!

    We know many of you have questions/concerns about leadership auditions and probably other things. Please know that we are working on solutions and will share those with you as soon as they are finalized.

    You can reach out to us through email at any time. If you want to schedule a Zoom video meeting to play for us (or just talk) just ask. We are here for you and your needs and we kind-of need you, too!

    Now, go add your Google Classroom codes!

    Mr. Brandon (dbrandon@duncanvilleisd.org)

    Mr. Teal (mteal@duncanvilleisd.org)

    Mr. Zellar (jzellar@duncanvilleisd.org)

    Mr. Townsend (gtownsend@duncanvilleisd.org)

    Mr. Tasker (mtasker@duncanvilleisd.org)


    Google Classroom Links

    ·        Wind Ensemble: ghryctq

    ·        Honors Band: tpbgtul

    ·        Symphonic Band: uhjnbsp

    ·        Concert Band: an7cepq

    ·        Varsity Band: t6fm6q7

    ·        Applied Music: obttmhu

    ·        All Percussion: e4w7tah​

  • Duncanville ISD Presents:

    Ain’t No Band Like a D’ville Band

    Few high school bands have a legacy of excellence that matches that of the Duncanville High School band. That rich history is one reason the Texas Bandmasters Association presented the Duncanville High School band program with the 2019 Exemplary Band Award. This prestigious honor recognized the program’s 40 years of excellence and is presented to one high school each yearbased on input from music educators throughout the state.

    The Duncanville High School band has been described as the ‘gold standard’ for concert and marching bands in the state of Texas. 


    A Winning Tradition

    The Duncanville High School band’s winning tradition extends across four decades. The Duncanville High School Wind Ensemble was selected as the Texas Music Educators Association Region 20 Honor Band every year since 1980 and was named 5A Honor Band in 1998, 2004 and 2008. Most recently, the Wind Ensemble was chosen second runner up in the 2019 6A Honor Band Competition. 

    Exhibiting the same commitment to success, Duncanville’s marching band has advanced to the UIL State Marching Competition 10 times bringing home the championship trophy in 1986, 1990 and 2002. 

    Beginning with the first home game on Sept. 6, 2019, the Duncanville band is now welcomed to the field with a thirty second promotional video. Watch below.

    Ain’t No Band Like a D’ville Band 

    This slogan has been used by members of the Duncanville High School band and its supporters for as long as anyone can recall.  In celebration of the program’s prestigious Exemplary Band award, the Duncanville Independent School District presents to you ‘Ain’t No Band Like a D’ville Band,’ a three-part docuseries honoring the success of the Duncanville High School  band program.


    Ain’t No Band

    Part One - 40 Years of Excellence

    Ask any high school band director how many programs across the country have consistently won the
    highest awards for both concert and marching programs. Now ask how many band programs have
    achieved this feat across four decades. The answer is very few. Using first-hand accounts from band
    directors, students and leaders in the music education industry, “Ain’t No Band - Part I” shares the
    stories of those state championships, honor band recognitions and the hard work it took to get there.

    Ain’t No Band

    Part Two - 
    Dr. Tom Shine, Texas Band Legend

    The Duncanville High School band program continues to be a success today because of the indisputable impact left by former Director of Bands, Dr. Tom Shine. Dr. Shine arrived in Duncanville in 1980 and began building what he intended to be ‘the finest band program in the state of Texas.’ It became much more than that. Under his direction, concert bands were selected at the state Honor Band, were invited to the prestigious Midwest Clinic in Chicago and marching bands won three state championships. Because of the Duncanville band program’s success, Dr. Shine’s teaching style became a lesson included in many music education majors’ college curriculum across the country. In “Ain’t No Band - Part II” former students, band directors and Dr. Shine himself take us on a journey that culminated in the success of the Duncanville High School band and the making of a Texas band legend.

    Ain’t No Band

    Part Three - 
    An Instrument To Student Success

    Lessons learned in band prepare students to succeed in life. Students spend hours marching in the hot Texas sun, practicing their music and competing in contests on weekends long after others have gone home. Band knows no off season. Once marching season ends, concert season begins. The perseverance and determination required to be a successful band student is something that prepares these hard-working musicians to become successful people – whatever their career choice. In “Ain’t No Band - Part III,” four former Duncanville High School band students who started their success stories in the band hall share how they are now are making a difference in their chosen professions.