Mr. Wilson

Phone: 972-708-3788


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Wilson

DHS Welding instructor since 2014. Worked in the welding industry for 13 years before becoming a teacher.

  • A day                           B day                        Classes                                         Time


    1st Block                      1st Block                    Planning block                               7:30-8:28

    2nd Block                     5th Block                    Welding                                        8:35-10:11

    3rd Block                      6th Block                    Principles of Manufacturing            10:18-12:18 (A lunch 10:18-10:43)

    4th Block                      7th Block                    Welding                                       12.25-1:55

    8th Block                      8th Block                    Welding                                       2:02-3:00