Timelines and Training Schedules

July - August PEIMS Professional Development Training

September-October PEIMS Professional Development Training

19-20 6 Weeks Reporting Timeline

19-20 Grade Reporting Timeline

OnDataSuite Login and Training


PEIMS Data Guide 18-19 V3 DRAFT

TSDS PEIMS Collection 1 Fall Submission Manual

New to Skyward

Getting to Know Skyward


Enter Course Selections

Print Class Rosters

Grading Information

19-20 Grade Reporting Timeline

Selected Grades Report

Entering Transfer Grades by the Front Office and Teacher

How to Request a Grade Change

Processing a Grade Change Request

Guide to Grading Reports

How to Override a Grade Book Grade

Grading and Attendance Summary Report (Posted Grades)

Three Types of Schedule Changes

Report Card Processing - Preparing for End of Year

EOY(End of Year) Checklist for Graduating Seniors

EA+/Teacher Gradebook

EA+ Semester Grade Not Calculating

Skyward Report Card Checklist

How to Override a Term Semester Grade

Gradebook Checklist

How to Request a Grade Change

Skyward Gradebook Assistance (WEBSITE for Teachers)


How to Run an Enrollment Report

How to Monitor NSOE

How to Process NSOE

How to Process Online Registration for Returning Students

How to Monitor Online Registration

How to Fulfil a Faxed Records Request

How to Make Changes to AUP and FERPA (Campus Clerks Only)

Password Reset for Parents

Online Process for Returning Students

Student Registration for Returning Students for Administrators

Withdrawing Students

19-20 Leaver Manual

How to Withdraw a Student

How to Mark a No-Show

How to Print an Entry/Withdrawal Report

Gradebook Tracker

Gradebook Tracker

Grade and Attendance Summary (Live Grades)

Attendance Reporting

19-20 Elementary and Intermediate Attendance Code Help Sheet

19-20 Secondary Attendance Code Help Sheet

19-20 Attendance Procedure Manual

How to Print ADA

How to Print Day Summary Report

How to Print Unrecorded Class Attendance

Special Programs Enrollment

Roster Special Programs

19-20 BOY Attendance Accounting Procedures

ADA Declaration Form

Student Management Reports

Data Mining New Students How-To

Discipline Counts Report

Offense Counts by Action

Referrals-Offense by Referring Staff


19-20 BOY Discipline Training

19-20 Discipline PEIMS Procedure Manual

Discipline Code Help Sheet

Counselor Information

Three Types of Schedule Changes

At Risk

How to Code Students At-Risk