Workers Comp


Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a state-regulated, no fault insurance program that provides employees with
income and medical benefits if they sustain a work-related injury or illness. Workers' Compensation
benefits do not pay for injuries that are intentional, self-inflicted, or result from horseplay, drug or alcohol intoxication, off-duty recreation, social or sports event, or "acts of God".

Work Injury Reporting

Employees who are injured or sustain an occupational illness while on duty shall report the injury or
illness at the time of the occurrence to the District, or to an employee of the District who holds a
supervisory/management position, regardless of whether medical care is necessary or not.
The designated person (i.e. office manager, supervisor, etc.) is required to report the injury or illness
upon notice by the employee within 24 business hours. The designated person is to submit an "Employee Injury Report".

Light/Modified Duty Program

Duncanville ISD is proud of its employees and the work they do. Their dedicated efforts help many
students to reach their potential and obtain the necessary skills to achieve lifelong success and contribute to a global society. During this process, an employee may experience an injury or illness that temporarily hampers them in performing their regular job duties. It is in this instance that the District has initiated a policy which states the following:

Supervisors shall attempt to make short-term and reasonable accommodations for employees who
have been released by their physician to return to work from Workers' Compensation absence with
a temporary limitation or disability.