Free COVID-19 Testing

Starting Monday, August 1, 2022 rapid COVID testing will be conducted on our campuses by our campus RNs and LVNs. The  Rapid testing hours of operation will be reserved for designated times before and after school. The rapid testing site for staff at TLCPace, Summit, Plaza, Maintenance, Custodial and Transportation will be at Hardin, Merrifield and Fairmeadows. 

Schedule Appointment

Please review and ensure the following protocols are followed during the rapid testing period on your campuses:

  1. Testing will be scheduled by appointment at each campus. Campus staff must select their respective home campus.
  2. Testing will be conducted 30 minutes before/after school.
  3. Campus principals will designate the campus-wide time frames, 30 min before and 30 min after school based on their campus times.
  4. Campus principals will confirm with the nursing team a viable testing space for staff if the clinic is not an option.
  5. Campuses will confirm days of operation based on the RN or LVN's schedule.
  6. Testing outside these parameters (under special circumstances) can be arranged with the Campus RN or LVN if it can fit into her schedule.. 
  7. Testing will be conducted only by an RN or LVN at this time. Subs/Aides will not conduct testing.
  8. If no RN or LVN is assigned to your campus,work with Nurse Grant to create a time for an RN or LVN to come test at your campus weekly.
  9. Employees must remain available on (testing) campus until the test results are available (15 minutes). 
  10. Confidentiality and privacy must be maintained at all times so the clinic may be closed during the testing time.
  11. Rapid test maybe administered to students with COVID like symptoms only with written parental consent.
  12. All rapid tests must remain in locked storage when not in use. 
  13. Staff must self-report to HR when positive results are confirmed.
  14. This is a service for district employees or substitutes.