Spirit of a Champion

Recognizing Our Peers - Spirit of a Champion Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 Spirit of a Champion awards. The Duncanville ISD Spirit of a Champion award recognizes district employees who have demonstrated expertise and leadership in the area of education for the betterment of our students and district. All district employees who have given a minimum of five years of service to Duncanville ISD are eligible for nomination (past winners are no longer eligible).

Spirit of a Champion recipients are individuals who are well-respected by their peers for their countless contributions to the organization. They exemplify characteristics of positive mentors, exemplary professionals, serve as positive role models, and demonstrate that they are friends of public education. The Nomination Form is attached; you may also access it from the Staff Hub page (sign in first). Send completed forms (see link below) to the Communications and PR Department, Education Plaza; you may also scan and email to Carol Rittiman. Auxiliary departments, please make this form available to those staff members who do not have access to email.

Past Spirit of a Champion recipients are:

  • 2002 - Denise McClung, Sharon Smith and Janice Varnell
  • 2003 - Mike Chrietzberg, Janie Alanis and Karen Cothran
  • 2004 - Sandra Burks, Randy Cothran, Judy Deever, Maggie Shepherd and Hazel Wiley
  • 2005 - Cheryl Barringer, Pat Downey and Dorothy Howell
  • 2006 - Raymond Alfaro, Diane Leverentz and Kim Sanford
  • 2007 - Karen Ewing, Jim Sutherlin and Diane Waldrop
  • 2008 - Jeanae Beal, Charles Moore and Vicki Smith
  • 2009 - Kayla Fry, Larry McHaney and Bill Young
  • 2010 – Judy Henry, Janet Johnson and Flo Judd
  • 2011 – Jim Humphreys, Tammy Kuykendall and the Duncanville HS Library
  • 2012 – Carol Anderson, Ed Marcell and Frances Roady
  • 2013 – Kathleen Brown, Charles Eaton and Cathy Self-Morgan
  • 2014 – Mendy Autry, Danielle Butler, Carol Rittiman and John Tahaney
  • 2015 – Gary Bennett, Claudia Lumbreras, Alfonso Ortiz and James Rich
  • 2016 – Vanessa Phillips, Dwight Weaver and Mari Zamora
  • 2017 - Latrisa R. Shedd, Natalie Crittendon, Javier Canales and Tijuana Hudson
  • 2018 - Angel Cabrera, Lisa Felton, Amy Kile and Shalontae Payne
  • 2019 - Gabriel Fernandez Hidalgo, Matilde Galindo, Brenda Webb

Nomination Form