November 2023 Made With Pride

Made With Pride November 2023

Each month, Duncanville ISD honors a student, staff member, and teacher who go above and beyond. They are chosen from nominations submitted by coworkers, classmates, or community members. These individuals reflect the excellence and pride of our district, and they are Made with Pride in Duncanville.



Cheryl Barringer is a District-Wide Adaptive P.E. Teacher, and for 46 years, her entire professional career, she has worked for Duncanville ISD. According to Cynthia Jarid, the Executive Director of Special Education, Barringer pours into the lives of children, families, community members, and colleagues. Jarid says that Barringer goes above and beyond to serve district students with special needs. In her role and throughout her professional career, Barringer continuously seeks opportunities to ensure students have access and inclusivity. She ensures that other learners are developed as she serves and supports them across the district. Beyond her professional duties, she has been committed to helping students become athletes through the Special Olympics in multiple sports for decades. She supports the city of Duncanville track meet to ensure that district students have the support to participate. Not only is Barringer a P.E. teacher, but during her spare time, she takes on driving bus routes for the district when needed and does so with a smile. Her selflessness and willingness are why Cheryl Barringer is Made With Pride. 


Jaikeem Mitchell is a 5th-grader at Daniel Intermediated. He is not just an intermediate student, but he is a star athlete and has academic gifts. Jaikeem is fortunate to be one of the fastest kids in the country! 
At nine years old, he broke the 100m national record and won a rare triple gold in the 100m, 200m, and 400m at the Junior Olympics. This year, at ten years old, he's the only kid to earn All-American (top five) in all three sprint events at the Junior Olympics. Even though Jaikeem has had some great wins in life, his journey hasn't been without challenges. Last year, due to severe asthma, Jaikeem missed class and excessive instructional time, but this health complication did not stop Jaikeem from earning a Master's on his 4th-grade Reading STAAR. Jaikeem's mother, Lakesha, says her son is intelligent, articulate, well-mannered, athletic and works hard! It's these qualities and Jaikeem's tenacity despite adversity that make Jaikeem Mitchell Made With Pride. 


Leslie Shimomura is Duncanville ISD's Media Center Coordinator. The media center is the district's "Maker Space". District employees consider Shimomura helpful, especially with last-minute tasks and requests. Colleague Vicki Mercado says posters and signs Shimomura prints aid in the running and functions of Duncanville schools and district events. Items printed are for various purposes, from school and student safety awareness to notifying the D'Ville community of new district policies implemented. Her work is seen across district campuses. Aside from typical defined work duties, Shimomura lends her help with everything from officer appreciation certificates to 'Coffee With The Chief' decor. She does her work excellently and with great prudence, making the most of her time, and this is evident in the detail and proficiency of the products she produces. No matter how many requests are placed and how many are assembled at once, guests are always received with a smile. This is why Leslie Shimomura is Made With Pride.