Made With Pride November 2022

Each month, Duncanville ISD honors a student, staff member and teacher who go above and beyond. They are chosen from nominations submitted by coworkers, classmates or community members. These individuals reflect the excellence and pride of our district and they are Made with Pride in Duncanville.


Olivia Oliver, November's Student Made with Pride Honoree

Olivia Oliver is a senior at Duncanville High School. Olivia's pursuit of excellence began in pre-kindergarten right here in Duncanville. Olivia has always strived for and achieved every goal she set. Whether it be the Honor Society, Drumline Co-Captain, or Homecoming Queen nominee, Olivia has been bold and undaunted by her pursuits. Ascending to become the Drumline Co-Captain, not an easy feat and rare for a girl has caused her to be a role model for her fellow students and band members. When she carries her large drum at stadiums, parades, and concerts, you see her marching to the tune of her beat. Olivia has done all of this while maintaining excellent grades. Olivia was nominated by her grandmother and grandfather, who have watched her become a confident drummer and stand-out student. 




Tasha Floyd-Jones is an 8th-grade science teacher at Kennemer Middle School

Tasha Floyd-Jones is an 8th-grade science teacher at Kennemer Middle School. Her students and colleagues affectionally call her "Flo-Jo," not just because of her name but because of her quick pursuit of excellence. Flo-Jo is usually the first to arrive on campus and one of the last to leave. Her passion for education ignites in her a desire to create engaging science lessons, work one-on-one with students if needed, and make a love for science in her students. Her affection for her students causes Flo-Jo to keep in touch with them years after graduating from her class. Her former student Celeste Sorrells says Flo-Jo pushed her throughout the years to be the best and never give up. Celeste hasn't been a student of Flo-Jo's in years but still gets the same love and attention her current students receive. That attention causes students to gravitate towards her and make her curriculum memorable and instruction live changing.


Marisol Chavez is a Pre-K bilingual teacher aid at Smith Elementary School.

Marisol Chavez is a Pre-K bilingual teacher aid at Smith Elementary School. According to the person nominating her classroom teacher Ms. Lupita Villalobos, Marisol is highly motivated and hard-working. She excels at her job as a Teacher Aide, which enables Ms. Villalobos to be more efficient as an educator. Marisol assists the classroom in running efficiently by providing students and families with better service and support. According to the staff at Smith, Marisol is incredibly generous and kind, often providing snacks, prizes, and resources out of her own pocket. Marisol's resourcefulness goes beyond finances. The classroom teacher can give her an idea Marisol can execute. The most recent example is the "Encanto" theme classroom door. Marisol's contribution sets a solid educational foundation for the district's littlest learners.