April 2022

Each month, Duncanville ISD honors a student, staff member and teacher who go above and beyond. They are chosen from nominations submitted by coworkers, classmates or community members. These individuals reflect the excellence and pride of our district and they are Made with Pride in Duncanville.

Seleste Long, Band Student

Duncanville High School student Seleste Long, an 11th-grade band student, has been striving for excellence her entire school career. She's been playing the bassoon since she was in 6th grade and now excels at playing the instrument now as a high school student. DHS Bands' motto is "Where Pride Makes the Difference," and as far as Band teacher Mark Teal is concerned, Seleste embodies this pride. 

Seleste is a leader among her band peers while she continues to grow as a bassoonist. Being a member of the high school band is very time-consuming, but Seleste manages to participate while maintaining high academic standards. Seleste has just had one great moment as a great student, but continually does well, exceeding expectations. It's a way of life Seleste. 

High School band teacher Jack Zellar is the definition of excellence according to his colleagues. Excellence in how he teaches, in how he loves his career, and how he loves his students and the Duncanville High School Band. 

Jack Zeller, High School Band Teacher

If you are in the stands during one of the great Friday night football games, you see Mr. Zellar's PRIDE for the Duncanville High School band. Zellar is seen in the stands during games directing his band students with vigor, enthusiasm, and excitement. His mood is infectious, and students can be seen jamming and joyful while playing for 


According to fellow music teacher De'Evin Johnson, what football fans don't get the chance to see is Zellar's excellence in the classroom. Johnson says that Zellar's instruction is clear, organized, well prepared, and high achieving. He is often the first to arrive and last to leave. This dedication is why Johnson nominated Zellar. "He is selfless, timely, and a great example for students he teaches in the band program of Duncanville High School. He also is an inspiration to many, myself included," says Johnson. These qualities are why Zellar is, Made With Pride. 

Another person who displays excellence and selflessness is Teacher Specialist at Central Elementary, Jada Ross. Ross isn't just a regular Teacher Specialist, but if you ask the staff at Central, Ross is superlative. Students and colleagues receive her best. Ross makes the effort to connect with everyone on campus. Denise Alfaro, a kindergarten teacher at Central says Ross is extremely knowledgeable. According to Alfaro, Ross uses her knowledge to aid students and teachers. Being knowledgeable has made Ross, the go-to person on campus to answer any questions. 

Teacher Specialist Jada Ross

Daily, Ross with a positive attitude is helping kindergarten teachers on campus. It's her joyful attitude that makes her approachable and agreeable to work with on campus. Ross is another Duncanville ISD staff member who stays after hours to help teachers with inputting data, constructing assessments, and reviewing data. In these times that vary daily, it helps to work along with a cheerful and competent co-worker.  

Not only is Ross assists teachers, but students receive much of her attention as well. As she walks through the halls, she greets every student and knows them by name, making an effort to know the students and learn their names. Everyone at Central knows they can consistently count on Ross when needed, and for this reason, Alfaro nominated Ross, calling her a blessing.