December 2020

Made with Pride December 2020

Natalie Chase

Natalie Chase, a teacher specialist at Hastings Elementary School, is the December “Made with Pride in Duncanville” staff member of the month. Assistant Principal LaTonya Hall said Mrs. Chase is ‘one of the heartbeats of our campus and the glue that holds the leadership team together when things are difficult.’ During the pandemic in March, Mrs. Chase not only continued her service of coaching teachers, she also started a calling cycle to check in on her colleagues. She sent e-cards to staff members and her words of encouragement were heaven sent.

Mrs. Chase always speaks in a positive manner and meets any challenge with the mindset of making things better and asking how she can help. As a teacher specialist, Mrs. Chase is very knowledgeable and wants to pour into everyone and see them succeed. She also runs the school Twitter account and shares her vision for the campus, which comes from a place of love for students, teachers, and the community. 

De Mario Forest

DeMario Frost, a kindergarten teacher at Hyman Elementary School, is the December “Made with Pride in Duncanville” teacher of the month. The parents who nominated Mr. Frost said he is an amazing and compassionate teacher who addresses each student by name in every lesson. He encourages student-to-student communication during virtual lessons by asking the children to call on one another. Mr. Frost engages the children through songs, positive praise, encouraging words and an uplifting smile. 

Linda Whitman, who has a grandchild in Mr. Frost’s classroom said he ‘is patient with our grandchild who is in a wheelchair and has trouble with turning his mic off and on to participate and when he drops pencils.  He is aware that our grandchild is academically ahead, and plans for those enrichment tasks.’ 

Mr. Frost has always been available for parents and for students outside of school hours and has provided supplies to kids that don’t have them. Monica Alvarez said, ‘I’m so happy that my daughter Claire is in his class because I can see that Mr. Frost loves what he does and makes sure no kid gets left behind.’

Jocelyn Gallo

Jocelyn Gallo, a sixth grader at Brandenburg Intermediate School, is the December “Made with Pride in Duncanville” student of the month.

Jocelyn’s teachers say she is a model student who exemplifies Brandenburg PAWS (Positive Attitude, Act Responsibly, Wise Choices, Stay Focused). 

Her English, Language Arts and Reading teacher said, ‘Jocelyn excelled during virtual only learning, logging in each day and completing assignments. Jocelyn made honor roll first quarter and is once again on her way to making it again this quarter.’

Jocelyn is not a student that waits for things to happen; she takes the initiative. She helps others when they need assistance and she will also take the time to ask questions for herself when she does not know something. Jocelyn volunteers for additional jobs to be of service and assistance. 

Jocelyn’s art teacher also said, ‘She is someone who is engaged in class, in the material and is enthusiastic about learning, NOT about getting a particular grade. Jocelyn is someone who learns from mistakes and seeks improvement. She is an all-around talented artist who loves to take on new challenges.’