March 2023

Made With Pride March 2023

Each month, Duncanville ISD honors a student, staff member, and teacher who go above and beyond. They are chosen from nominations submitted by coworkers, classmates, or community members. These individuals reflect the excellence and pride of our district, and they are Made with Pride in Duncanville.


Patience Elliot is a 2nd Grade Teacher at Hastings Elementary

Patience Elliot is a 2nd Grade Teacher at Hastings Elementary and her colleagues say she is the best thing to come to Duncanville ISD. They say Ms. Elliot has a heart for shaping, refining, and growing students assigned to her charge as an educator. She not only educates her students, but Ms. Elliot mentors her colleagues. She helps them become better professionals and educators.  KeAndra Mason, one of those mentees, nominated Ms. Elliot and not just for the previously mentioned reasons but also because she is a problem solver who comes to campus leaders and staff with solutions to problems and not complaints. The total person is why Ms. Mason say that Ms. Elliot is Made With Pride! 




Ximena Salas is a shy 3rd grader at Central Elementary

Ximena Salas is a shy 3rd grader at Central Elementary but is said to be full of curiosity. It is this curiosity that aids Ximena in becoming a straight-A student and becoming a Gifted and Talented (GATE) student. That curiosity also causes Ximena to want to know why there is world hunger and how she can end it. Ximena is not just curious but a talented artist winning first place in Central Elementary's drawing contest for the Fall Showcase. Ximena's first-place artwork was the Fall Showcase's program cover. Ximena was also once a student of the month during the fall semester and a part of the robotics club. The Classroom Aide admires Ximena so much. She says if she could be an 8-year-old again, she would want to be just like Ximena. This is why she nominated Ximena for Made With Pride. 




Cesar Uriel Batres

Cesar Uriel Batres is a former Duncanville ISD student who has returned as an employee. Because Cesar is autistic and wasn't very social growing up, there were concerns about Cesar obtaining and holding on to employment. However, according to his mother, Blanca Romero, since becoming a member of the custodial team at Duncanville High School, Cesar is excited to go to work. Cesar is becoming more socialble and says he is welcomed by his team and even made friends. His mother Blanca says Cesar has a new glow about pride in his work and even wants career ascension. Cesar is working hard to prove he is capablity to move up among the ranks. Cesar takes pride in what he does, which is why Cesar is, Made With Pride!