Board Business - August 15, 2022: New Police Chief Named

A “Board Business Summary” is published on the district website following each regular school board meeting convened by the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees. School board members hosted a regular board meeting on August 15, 2022. A video recording of the meeting will be available on the district website under Board of Trustees. 

Mitchell Lambert, Duncanville ISD Chief of Police

Mitchell Lambert Named Duncanville ISD Chief of Police

With over twelve years of experience in law enforcement and the last five years in Duncanville ISD, Mitchell Lambert has been unanimously named the Chief of Police for the school district.  Chief Lambert is well known for consistently demonstrating his ability to lead with professionalism, accountability, and impeccable communication. 


Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent’s Report

 Duncanville ISD Superintendent Dr. Marc Smith began his report by sharing the excitement he witnessed as he visited campuses on the first day of school.  He also shared information about enrollment, announcing the district welcomed students back to school on Monday, Aug. 8. Elementary is exceeding the projected enrollment, which is extremely promising. With new choice programs at the elementary level as well as the robust secondary options, we anticipate that enrollment will increase over the next few weeks.



As we complete the first week of school, we are committed to having a quality teacher in every classroom. Staffing remains a challenge, but our Human Resources team is to be commended for everything they are doing to attract and retain teachers. Dr. Smith also reminded everyone of the importance of getting students to school, he mentioned that we have twelve bus driver vacancies at this time.  


Accountability Rating


#DvilleDayOne garnered hundreds of submissions of student photographs showcasing their first day of school.  Dr. Smith showed a brief video highlighting the first day of school.  The video included excerpts from the media that featured the high school executive principal, a graduating senior, a middle school principal and Dr. Smith’s interview with NBC’s Wayne Carter for a segment on Carter in the Classroom. Dr. Smith closed by announcing the recently released Texas Education Agency Accountability Rating where Duncanville ISD maintained a B Rating.

Other Items

The board agenda items can be found here.

Approved appointment of Chief of Police

Approved minutes from the July 2022 board meeting

Approved financial report for July 2022

Approved Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) Certified Appraisers Calendar for 2022-2023 School Year

Approved Elevate K-12 Agreement

Approved Instructional Materials Proclamation 2022

Approved Second Reading of TASB Local Policy Update 119

Approved Resolution to Convene the School Health Advisory Council to Recommend Curriculum Materials 

Approved Tax Rate Hearing Dates for 2022-2023

Approved Authorized Investment Broker/Dealers

Tabled the Naming of Facilities

Discussed Summer Learning