Duncanville ISD Reflects on Hispanic Heritage Month

As Hispanic Heritage month comes to a close, members of Duncanville ISD staff reflect on what this month is and the contribution of Hispanic Americans. 

Director of PEIMS Melinda Turner:

"Hispanic Heritage Month exemplifies the celebrations and successes of Latinos both in our history and in the present. My father was a 1st generation Hispanic college graduate, and I am the 1st Hispanic college graduate on my mother's side of her family. In order for both of us to become successful Latinos, I know that my Father and my Mother both made sacrifices to ensure we were not only professionally successful but also lead with pride within our culture and heritage. I am proud to be a Latina and strive to serve as a model for all Latinos professionally and personally."

Chief Operations Officer Mari Zamora:

"Hispanic Heritage Month is not just about the language, the festive attire, or the music, although it is all beautiful to see and hear. It is also about reflecting on the many contributions and influences of Hispanic Americans. This month is a time set aside to recognize their impact in education, art, music, sciences, advocacy, medicine, nutrition, architecture, and so many other areas. For Latino students, it is an opportunity for them to see their culture represented and feel inspired to achieve and make their own positive mark in society, just like those before them."

Director of Student Mgmt & Restorative Practices Tijuana Hudson:

"To me, Hispanic Heritage Month means setting aside time to recognize not only the existence of the many Hispanic ethnicities and cultures that make up our world but also to acknowledge the importance of the contributions they have made to the world. This month serves as a reminder that every human is valuable and adds value to humankind."

Principal Braylon Linnear:

"Hispanic Heritage month is a great time to celebrate and recognize individuals in the Latino culture across the country amongst all professions. Learning about the history of Central American and Latin countries on how they gained their independence and learning cultural traditions provides me with opportunities to value and embrace cultural differences in our society."

Director of Counseling Shayla Pratt:

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time that we get to be intentional about celebrating the life and culture of the Latinx community. With over 50% of our scholars being a part of the Latinx community, Hispanic Heritage Month gives staff an opportunity to ensure our scholars feel seen and loved.