Board Business - July 20, 2020

The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees hosted a regular board meeting on July 20, 2020. Due to the current nationwide health pandemic, district facilities and schools remain closed and this meeting was conducted through video conferencing. A video recording of the meeting can be viewed using the following link - here.  Information shared and decisions made during that meeting include the following:



The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees took a moment during the Recognitions segment of the board meeting to congratulate Superintendent Dr. Marc Smith for being named the Region 10 Superintendent of the Year and presented him with a gift. Each trustee shared his or her gratitude and appreciation for the positive changes that have occurred in the school district under Dr. Smith’s leadership. The trustees specifically mentioned that the quality of education has increased in recent years along with the number of choices and opportunities available to students. 


Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Dr. Marc Smith began his report by reviewing the School Reopening Plan and how that information has been provided to various stakeholders. On Thursday, July 17, 2020 the plan was shared with the community using the school district website, email to families, newsletters and social media. The School Reopening Plan details what the district’s two choices: In-Person Learning and Virtual Learning will look like. Parents and guardians are given the option to choose by July 31 to provide the district adequate time to plan for the start of the school year. In the same message, the community was informed that the start of the school year is delayed. Tuesday, September 8, 2020 will be the first day of school. 

Throughout the decision-making process, school leaders continue to gather input from families, staff and community members. For Dr. Smith, the Superintendent’s Professional Council serves as a way to receive feedback from teachers. Professional Council continues to meet regularly to provide insight about campus staff needs. The council includes at least one representatives from each district campus.


Other Items

Approved minutes from the June 15 board meeting

Approved minutes from the June 22 board work session

Approved minutes from the June 29 special meeting

Approved financial report for May 2020

Approved waiver of Nov. 27, 2020, filing date for 2019-2020 fiscal audit

Approved waiver to delay the Notice Requirement from the Commissioner for Students At Risk of Failure Until the Start of the 2020-2021 School Year

Approved interlocal agreement with Education Service Center Region 11

Approved interlocal agreement with The University of Texas for the Dallas Engagement Center

Approved memorandum of understanding with Dallas Community College District

Approved college board exam fees

Approved renewal of contract with Edgenuity for course content and credit accrual/recovery software

Approved renewal of I-Station

Approved Achieve 3000 software renewal

Approved interlocal agreement with Mansfield ISD for third party skills testing for commercial driver’s license

Approved memorandum of understanding with Texas A&M Commerce School of Psychology for student teaching partnership

Approved resolution for extension of leave during precautionary exclusion

Approved adjustments to certain teacher salaries for equity

Approved 2020 nominations for Region 10, Position H on the Texas Association of School Boards

Approved interlocal agreement with the city of DeSoto for police services

Approved purchase upgrades for existing metal detectors

Discussion of reopening plan with revision to the 2020-2021 calendar

Discussion of student code of conduct 2020-21

Discussion of summer school

Discussion of instruction materials

Discussion of August professional development