Promise Program Provides Free Tuition for Parents of DHS Graduates

The Dallas County Promise program has helped more than 500 high school graduates from Duncanville ISD pay for their college education. In the past two years, those students have taken advantage of the scholarship program which pays the cost of tuition not covered by financial aid.

What many people don’t know is the Dallas County Parent Promise offers the same benefits to parents of graduating seniors. Two parents of Duncanville High School graduates have already graduated with their associate degrees and nine more are currently enrolled in the program.

Pursuing Dream Business

Temica Seaton

Temica Seaton signed up for the Parent Promise in 2018. When her daughter left to attend the University of Houston to study dance and business administration, Temica enrolled at Cedar Valley College to study business management after working for years as a hairdresser.

“Now my daughter and I are both in school. She gets to see me work really hard. I think it is the best thing I could have done for myself was go back to school,” Temica said.

Temica plans to transfer from Cedar Valley College to the University of North Texas in the fall. Her dream is to use her business management degree to set up a wellness center that will tend to womens’ physical and mental health by offering counselors, spiritual guidance, nutrition education, massages and facials. 


Changing Careers

Mayra Espinoza and her son are both enrolled in the Dallas County Promise. As a college freshman, Xavier Espinoza is studying AutoCAD, a  software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals use to create precise 2D and 3D drawings. Mayra was a teacher in a neighboring district before stepping away to focus on her family a few years ago. She is using the Parent Promise program to transition into a new career in the medical field.

Mayra Espinoza and Xavier Espinoza

Mayra’s plan is to work in a doctor’s office as a medical coder and work her way up to an administrative position in Registered Health Information. In her new position, she will be responsible for managing protected health information.

“I like numbers, always have. That's why I taught high school mathematics for approximately 17 years,” Mayra said.  “The Dallas Promise Program has given me an opportunity to try something new, to study again.”  

Opening New Doors at Work

Martha Sanchez had always wanted to pursue a college degree, but with her full-time job and kids at home, she knew she would have to wait.

“I made a promise to myself that when my youngest child graduated from high school, I was going to go back to school and do something for myself,” Martha said.

In 2019, Martha signed up for the Parent Promise and enrolled at Mountain View College to pursue an associate degree in Supply Logistics and Management. That has opened doors for Martha with her boss at the logistics company where she’s worked for 21 years.

“He was proud of me for taking a big step and asked if I would like to take over his role once he retires in the next couple of years,” Martha said.  “I feel like going back to school has opened opportunities for me to grow within the company.”

Martha said she’s grateful for the opportunity offered by the Dallas County Parent Promise.
“I think that’s a blessing. God has plans for me,” Martha said. “I never would have thought that my daughter and I would be going to school at the same time. It has been an amazing experience.”

Parent Promise 

If you are a parent or guardian of a student graduating in the Class of 2021, you are eligible to apply for the Dallas County Parent Promise. 

Here are the key dates for the Parent Promise: 

Due: March 5, 2021
Complete the Dallas College Admissions Application.

Due: March 5, 2021
Complete your pledge. Pledge opens Oct. 1, 2020. If you need help completing your pledge form, please reach out to the Parent Promise Team at

Due: March 5, 2021
Submit your FAFSA/TASFA application by March 5, 2021.

Attend Orientation
Due: Summer 2021
Attend MANDATORY Virtual Orientation or In-Person Orientation at the Bill J. Priest building. Details to come. 

Due: July 30, 2021
Make an appointment with your advisor to register for classes and complete the enrollment steps.

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