Start of School Spotlight: District Implements Increased Cleaning Protocols & Face Covering Requirement

Start of School Spotlight

As employees and students prepare to begin the new school year, health and safety are the district’s top priorities. A school reopening task force made up of district leadership across departments and campuses considered the necessary steps needed to limit the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and to create a safe environment for learning. During the summer, members of our Operations Department, Custodial Department and Warehouse staff have been at work supplying our campuses and departments with what they will need.

Face coverings will be required for all staff and students and campus visitors, and the number of campus visitors will be limited. The district has ordered 15,000 cloth, reusable masks, 15,000 disposable surgical masks and 5,400 KN-95 masks that have been distributed to all campuses and departments for those who need them.

All campuses and facilities will be cleaned and sanitized nightly. In addition to their heightened cleaning routines, custodial staff is using e-mist spray machines that dispense medical-grade disinfectant. The district has ordered 26 additional e-mist machines so that each campus will have one and, because of its size, Duncanville High School will have five. To help teachers, students and staff periodically clean high-touch areas like doorknobs and other frequently-used equipment, the district distributed 5,000 packs of disinfecting wipes and is waiting for 6,000 additional containers of wipes to arrive so they can be delivered.

Signage will be placed throughout the district to remind everyone to keep a safe distance from each other and to wash and disinfect their hands frequently. To make hand sanitizer easily available, the district has ordered 225 touchless hand sanitizer dispensers. So far, 145 of those have been installed in district buildings and 80 have been installed on buses – ensuring each bus has one. 

In addition to increased cleaning protocols, students and staff will undergo daily temperature checks and symptom screening. To facilitate temperature checks, the district has delivered 200 infrared thermometers to campuses and departments.

Efforts to make the logistical changes and provide the supplies needed to ensure our students and staff are healthy and safe will continue throughout the year.