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Duncanville ISD Volunteers Seek to Reconnect With Students

A group of volunteers from Duncanville ISD will spend part of their day Saturday knocking on doors to reach out to more than 100 students who have not been engaging in school. The effort, called ‘Operation Connection,’ identified students who enrolled in the district’s virtual learning program but have not been attending or completing work online.

“Unfortunately, we have seniors and juniors who are off track to graduate because they’re not engaging,” said Chief of Schools Sam Nix. “We have students [where] the learning gap is just continuing to widen. Not because they’re not enrolled, but because they’re not engaging.”

The decision to connect with students and their families in person comes after repeated attempts by teachers, counselors and administrators to reach them.

“We’re just going to connect with them,” said Dr. Nix. “We’re going to inform them and support them and we’re going to do everything we can before this semester ends to provide them with opportunities to be successful.” Fairmeadows Elementary School Assistant Principal and Operation Connection organizer Latonia Dennis agrees. “I know they will see how much we miss and care about them,” said Mrs. Dennis.

Volunteers will gather at Reed Middle School on the morning of on Saturday, Jan. 23, to get instructions, gather their materials and receive a list of families to visit. Each student will receive a bag containing instructions on how to log onto their virtual classes as well as an academic calendar and t-shirt.

“Duncanville ISD has stepped outside the box and I am so happy to be part of an organization that wants to make sure we are doing all we can to engage with our families,” Mrs. Dennis said. “I look forward to seeing their faces again in the classroom or virtually.”

Because of concerns about the ongoing pandemic, there will be specific safety protocols in place for volunteers.