Acceptable Use- Technology

Duncanville ISD Technology AUP Communication Change and Permission Form

What do I do if I need to make changes to my student’s technology access?

Download a DISD Technology AUP Change/Permission Form or request a form from your campus office staff. Once you complete the form, return it to your Campus Clerk in person or by email and they will make the necessary changes in the Skyward student information system. The email address for your child's Campus Clerk can be found below.

Digital AUP Change/Permission Form (ENG and SPAN)

AUP Change/Permission Form ENG

AUP Change/Permission Form SPAN

What is Acceptable Use?

To prepare students for an increasingly technological society, the district has made an investment in the use of district-owned technology resources for instructional purposes; specific resources may be issued individually to students. Use of these technological resources, which include the district’s network systems and use of district equipment, is restricted to approved purposes only. Students and parents will be asked to sign a user agreement when completing online registration regarding use of these district resources. Violations of the user agreement may result in withdrawal of privileges and other disciplinary action.

How does Acceptable Use affect my student?

In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Duncanville ISD educates staff and students regarding appropriate online behavior to ensure Internet safety, including use of email and online resources, and has deployed filtering technology and protection measures to restrict access to inappropriate content. With this in mind, it is a privilege for DISD students to utilize the District’s technology resource system and Internet.

Students are granted access to available electronic services. If a parent/guardian chooses not to grant permission for technology access, the student will not be permitted to participate the use of the District’s technology resource system. Use of the system may include, but not limited to, wireless access, computer workstations, servers, computer workstations, peripherals, applications, databases, online resources, Internet access, electronic mail, digitized information, telecommunication devices, and any other technology designated for use by students, including all new technologies as they become available.


How should I proceed if I originally opted not to allow my student with access to technology, but now I would like to grant access?

Download a DISD Technology AUP Communication Change and Permission Form or request a form from your campus office staff. Once you complete the form, return it to your Campus Clerk or front office staff and they will make the necessary changes in the Skyward student information system. This will allow your student with technology access for the school year.

How often do I need to grant permission to allow allow my child access to technology in Duncanville ISD?

Parents must provide access every school year.

 If I opt out of allowing my child technology access, are they able take a test online using the district’s technology equipment?

Students who do not have permission from parent(s)/guardian(s) to use district technology will not be permitted to use a technology device for testing purposes.

 Where can I find a more information regarding Acceptable Use for students?

Visit the Acceptable Use webpage on the Duncanville ISD website.


Campus Name Campus Clerk Email
Acton ES Mary Macias
Alexander ES Diana Leija
Bilhartz ES Diana Hernandez
Brandenburg IS Dalhya Cabrera
Byrd MS Janice Dodd
Central ES Yuriana Vasquez
Daniel IS Gabby Escamilla
Duncanville HS Laverne Dorsey
Fairmeadows ES Sherri Lackey
Hardin IS Dianna Castillo-Torres
Hastings ES Cathy Rush,
Hyman ES Laura Spielmann
Kennemer MS Veronica Arredondo
Merrifield ES Tracy Timpa
Reed MS Laura Perez
Smith ES Gisela Esparza
Smithey PACE HS Marcia Jacobs
Summit Learning Ctr Shanequa King