Charles Acton Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy at Acton Elementary will teach leadership and life skills to students. The culture of student empowerment is based on the idea that every child can be a leader. The "Leader in Me" paradigm shows that every child is capable and a leader. Content from "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is a critical component of the leadership academy. The 7 Habits synthesizes universal, timeless principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness, i.e., responsibility, vision, integrity, teamwork, collaboration, and renewal.  

Leadership Development:

All staff and students will regularly develop the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In addition to providing instruction in the state-required TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), our master schedule includes time for students to learn the habits to use in their everyday lives. The expected result is that students continuously self-reflect and choose the best actions to show leadership in their behavior as well as their academics. 

Acton Student reading along with audio-book.


Campus Tours: 

It is always a pleasure to welcome visitors to our campus. In response to COVID-19 protocols, we provide campus tours on Mondays & Fridays only by appointment & follow strict visitor protocols during the visit. Don't hesitate to contact our main office to schedule a campus tour. 

We expect our Panthers to be:

  • Proactive Thinkers
  • Planners
  • Prioritizers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Peacemakers
  • Partners
  • Preservers


Acton Student presenting during Black History Month program

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Campus Ambassador
  • Student Council
  • Recycling Pack
  • Broadcasting
  • Library
  • LIM Development
  • Posting Flags
  • Debate
  • Community Connections
  • Mentorship
  • Student-Led Conferences
  • Public speaking