STEAM Academy at Kennemer

Duncanville ISD's first choice school focusing on the integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics is at Kennemer Middle School.  The "STEAM Team" is working to build an internationally recognized program that will intrigue others to come to investigate our academy's effectiveness in producing outstanding innovators.  With the guidance of several partnerships including the National Institute for STEM Education, the STEAM Academy is writing success stories, one student at a time. 

I Am the Research: Intentional Every Day! 

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking Model is a way of presenting STEAM instruction.  Scholars are presented with an idea that guides them to Empathize through observation and surveying.  Then they identify or Define a problem to Ideate a possible solution.  Scholars Create a prototype in which they Test, ultimately making observations for improvements to their model. 

During the summer, teachers and students learned the process through partnership and mentoring from 4H, TATA Consultancy, and SMU.  The professional development as well as summer enrichment camp provided the teachers with the tools necessary to facilitate STEAM design thinking process. 


The Kennemer STEAM Program is a student-centered, choice program that balances a concentration of academic core subjects while integrating a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics model.  Traditional subjects (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science) will still be taught; however, the elements of STEAM will be embedded in the day-to-day coursework and electives.  

The STEAM model allows students to apply knowledge and skills in a real-world context by equipping them with the tools necessary to make connections and problem solve in a college and career-focused atmosphere. 

The goal of the Duncanville STEAM Academy is to nurture the analytic and creative abilities of all scholars by supporting the nature of a growth mindset.  The non-traditional methods of the classroom setting and professional learning communities at STEAM will revolutionize instructional practices as our scholars find the connections, bridges, and unifying themes of learning across the content areas. 

All Scholars will -

  • be a member of an Academic House that supports the social emotional learning environment;  
  • receive guidance counseling to ensure success through the STEAM Design period; 
  • participate in Pre-AP courses and courses that will provide high school credit while in middle school; 
  • receive or have access to hand-held technology devices to enhance their learning experience.